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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

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Anna Blumenthal

Anna Blumenthal, Entertainment Editor

Anna is a senior at Millard West and is returning for her second year on the Catalyst staff. She loves having an outlet to express her views on the world and share the stories of students at Millard West. Besides journalism, Anna is also the president of Millard West Theater, where she participates in productions and helps to plan out the season.

All content by Anna Blumenthal

Best of West

April 15, 2021
Senior Samantha Spencer stands with her original model and the full-scale completed set of her design for the play “Matt and Ben.” “I have created slides on my own time for fun of set designs I like and showed them to the Theatre Technology class,” Spencer said. “I have thought a lot about going into scenic design and maybe going into film, but I am not sure. I probably will always keep model making and miniatures as a hobby though.”

Setting the stage

February 17, 2021

No pain, No GAINES

February 5, 2021

Bonding for the holidays

December 18, 2020
In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading, the Theater Department decided to livestream the play for people to watch on Striv. Audience members were invited to watch the show from their homes. “The biggest challenge was making it accessible to the audience,” director Brooke Phillips said. “We couldnt have people come in person so we streamed it live and setting that all up for the first time was really tricky. I picked this play because it is about a family escaping world wide disasters over and over.  Humans have survived wars, floods, dinosaurs, an ice age.  I wanted people to feel like we could survive this crazy pandemic.”

A production abridged

December 9, 2020
“The Queen’s Gambit” follows chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, on her journey to become the top chess player in the world while struggling with addiction.


December 1, 2020
Senior Ceibhionn Stevens sketches out the designs for her mural. “The planning process was less difficult than I imagined,” Stevens said. “I looked up art of theater through history to gather ideas and inspiration. Then I made several drafts and had a few ideas that I eventually dropped in order to make the mural open and bright and true to our theater troupe.”

Painting her passion

November 20, 2020
Senior Vivien Gaines performs for judges at a local dance competition. “My style of dancing is mostly based around musicality and how I can portray the music with the movement,” Gaines said. “I’m a big fan of using music that isn’t traditionally used and playing around with how I can change the way the music is perceived with dancing.”

From student to instructor

September 18, 2020
Kathryn Bigelow is the only woman to ever win an Oscar for best director for her work on the film The Hurt Locker.

Where are the women?

January 31, 2020
On the left is a picture of the food that was promoted by the creators of the Fyre Festival in their social media advertisements. On the right is the “five-star” meal that attendees actually received.

Hidden behind a screen

January 28, 2020
The new movie Richard Jewell takes the cake as the best movie of the month by far. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to do over winter break.

Hero or villain?

January 7, 2020
Pictured above is Gavin Christiansen with his unusual pet which is a chinchilla.

Creepy, cute critters

December 18, 2019
The infographic shows surprising facts about Black Friday that demonstrate the insane amount of money spent during this day. Money spent on items such as flat-screen TVs and room decor could instead be used to feed all the hungry children in the world for 2 years. The sum of the money is so high that it’s larger than the GDP of 117 countries in the world. Money that could be used to clear up debt creates an even bigger problem of holiday debt.

Dying to get a good deal

November 26, 2019

Culinary kids cater

November 7, 2019
Senior Chloe Moore performs at various events in the Omaha area. Her programs have given her long lasting connections and opportunities that she loves to do. “Most events I’ve performed at are usually offered to me through programs I’m in,” Moore said. “It’s really nice to have connections to people in the music world.”

Growing up gifted

October 14, 2019
Hamilton attracts large crowds to the Orpheum Theater who have been dying to see this outstanding musical.

Hamilton is nonstop fun

September 25, 2019
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