A cut above the rest

Senior prepares for cosmetology school


photo courtesy of Milina Mike

Senior Milina Mike styles hair for a prom event. “I grew up with cosmetology surrounding me constantly,” Mike said. “My parents have prepared me my whole life. I’ve learned a lot of technique and I have shadowed multiple students at the school to get an idea of what life will be like while I’m there.”

Anna Blumenthal, Entertainment Editor

From honey-tinted highlights to dazzling up-dos, hairdressers find a way to transform a plain head of hair into a work of art. Despite many people having monthly salon visits and a hairstylist they swear by, not many people consider the years of training undertaken by their cosmetologists. For senior Milina Mike, she has always grown up learning about the art and it has inspired her to go down the cosmetology route herself.

Mike has been practicing different techniques from the early age of 4, when she was found doing her sister’s hair. With both of her parents being cosmetologists themselves, it was no surprise that Mike found her passion in the world of hair. As she grew up, she began doing hair for friends and family, which allowed her to gain more confidence in her abilities.

“Both of my parents have taught me hair technique throughout my entire life, and I was doing my own hair for dance throughout elementary school,” Mike said. “My friends are also really supportive of me and always allow me to do their hair for school dances, show choir competitions and multiple other events. I believe that has helped me with customer service and communicating with the client.”

Students of Millard West have noticed Mike’s styling talents, and have hired her for various school-related events. Friends are able to watch her grow and also benefit from her passion.

“Milina has helped me a ton with my hair for different occasions,” senior Kody Horrocks said. “My hair has always looked flawless, and I know it wouldn’t look like that if it wasn’t for her help. Since freshman year, she has definitely improved and grown so much by learning many new and exciting styles and techniques.”

The application process for the Capitol School of Hairstyling and Esthetics, where Mike plans on attending, includes filling out a quick interest form on the website. The admissions director then contacts the applicant back within a month and from there one will need to complete an entrance exam, passing with a 90% or higher. The admissions team also offers in-person or online tours of the building which allows incoming students to learn their way around their future school.

Another perk of this school includes opportunities to shadow current stylists while still in high school. Current students of the Capitol School will take the prospective student through their day, talking through how they consult, color, cut and style out guests. Mike has jumped on this amazing learning opportunity in the past, when she shadowed cosmetologist Erin Mullen, who got to help Mike prepare for her future training.

“Milina was the happiest ball of energy when I had her in to shadow me,” Mullen said. “She made me feel very empowered and really solidified that I love what I do. I know Milina is going to be incredibly successful in this industry. Her personality and mannerisms are going to help her create beautiful and loyal relationships with all her clients.”

Mike has grown up with this school in her life and is very excited to finally get to attend as a student rather than as a visitor. While it may not be the traditional college route that most seniors are currently preparing for, it is the path that makes the most sense for her and will help to fully develop Mike’s skills.

“Fortunately, my dad has worked there all my life so I know the ropes around the place,” Mike said. “I feel extremely lucky to be going somewhere I call home and be taught by people who are like family to me. Honestly, I feel a lot better about going down a non-traditional college route. I am fortunate that I get to start my life so soon while doing something that’s going to change people’s lives and help them feel confident and beautiful.”

In the upcoming school year, one will find Mike hard at work at the Capitol School, practicing new ways of cutting, coloring and primping. With the help of her friends and family, Mike has been able to discover her passion in life and will be able to keep developing her talents through the opportunities that have been awarded to her.