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Summit seeker

Senior and his family travel to conquer new heights
Hudson Addams
Pointing up to a sign, senior Hudson Addams shows how high in elevation he is. Addams and a few family members traveled to Asia for two weeks to climb to Mount Everest’s first base camp. “The best part was being able to look back and see how far we came,” Addams said. “Making the climb was honestly the best two weeks of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

During Spring Break, while many opt for a beach getaway, senior Hudson Dddams and his family went above and beyond. Hudson Addams and a few family members embarked on an adventure to Asia, aiming to scale new heights.

After planning for over nine months, the Addams embarked on a 30 hour flight from Omaha to Nepal, followed by an overnight bus ride to reach the base of Everest. Over the course of 16 days, they trekked to an elevation of over 19,000 feet, ultimately reaching the first base camp.

“My family has done a bunch of hiking trips before up in Wyoming and Utah but nothing to this extent,” Hudson Addams said. “To make sure we had something for every possible situation, I had to bring clothes for all sorts of weather, as it was very hot during the day but dropped below freezing during most nights. We also brought other supplies like water filters, hiking poles and lots of snacks.”

While such journeys were common for the family, embarking on one like this was an entirely new experience. Luckily, they received assistance from someone familiar with the mountain range. 

“My brother, Joel Addams, has been going to the Himalayas for years and after seeing all of the pictures and everything, we really wanted to go,” Hudson’s father Lee addams said. “To make sure we were prepared, we were encouraged to get as much climbing or “time on feet” as possible.  I did a lot of running and incline training to not be the “weak link” of the group.”

Hudson Addams treks through the Himalayas (Lee Addams)

The hike itself may be beautiful, but it is far from easy. Over the two week period the Addams mapped out how to make the climb, trekking 35 miles up to the camp. Hoping to move fast enough to make it back to the bottom before their returning flights, the family had to climb for seven days. 

“The climb was very difficult, but also very rewarding,” Hudson Addams said. “Every time we reached the top of a long

incline, it felt amazing to look down and see how far we had come. Throughout the trip, I learned so much about Nepali culture and that was awesome.” 

Before the trip, the family was clueless about what awaited them at the base camp. Nepal’s camp presented a fresh environment for the group, as most of them hadn’t been there before. Excited to immerse themselves in the full experience, they eagerly embraced the Nepali culture during their brief stay. 

“Leading up to the trip I was stoked,” Hudson’s cousin Ashley Cronin said. “Getting to experience the Nepali culture first hand was crazy. Along with the views at 1800 feet were the most memorable.”

When the group made it to the village, they had four days to roam around and explore the town. Hudson and Lee Addams took the opportunity to see and be a part of the things happening around them.

A part of the base camp the group stayed in (Hudson Addams)

“Hudson and I took a helicopter to another region after the climb was complete,” Lee Addams said. “Around Pokhara, we spent time with some nonprofit groups helping small “two-acre” farmers, mostly women, become so much more productive and provide more economic opportunities for their families. It was amazing.”

Descending the mountain in just three days, the group managed to catch their flight home, carrying snacks, new memories and a once in a lifetime experience.

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