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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The “Famous Nachos” From Zemog’s did not disappoint me on my first trip there.

Restaurant on wheels

Braden Stueve, Staff Reporter
November 17, 2021
“A Man Named Scott,” which was released on Prime Video on Nov. 5, details the life and musical career of rapper Kid Cudi.

What about Scott

Evan Vaslow, MWHS Wildcat News co-Editor-in-Chief
November 17, 2021
These are the three seasonal drinks that came out on the Starbucks menu., In the middle is the toasted white chocolate mocha, on the left is the ice sugar cookie almond milk latte and on the right is the Caramel Brûlée Latte.

Sipping on seasonal drinks

Colin Ribaya, Staff Reporter
November 10, 2021
This new Marvel film hit theaters on Nov. 5 with a surprising $170 million in the box office in less than a week. If this doesn’t show the potential and success of this new Marvel series, nothing will.

An eternal movie

Alexis Bahensky, Opinions Editor
November 10, 2021
Travis Scott releases two songs this Friday after a long break. Multiple other artists follow Travis’ idea of releasing on Friday.

Friday means new music

Christian Naujokaitis, Staff Reporter
November 10, 2021
This is my roster in the game. There is on the top left a 23 and a coin icon. These are “coaching credits”, the games currency and you can earn by progressing in the game or paying money. The yellow bar is your cap space. That is how much money you can spend on players, a feature separate from CCs. The bottom shows your teams overall and its morale levels, and the green bar under the players shows their health. The little icon by a player shows their awards on your team, and the background is what side of the ball they play. Blue for offense, red for defense and orange for special teams

8-bit mania

Logan Moseley, Striv Co-Executive Producer, Business Manager
November 5, 2021
This is a soft pretzel from Jack’s Pretzel Shack. The pretzels were a new addition to the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch menu this year, and have been very popular. The cheese came in a small container with all the soft pretzel orders.

Fall treats that rise above all

Olivia Ray, Staff Reporter
November 4, 2021
Following “Chemtrails Over The Country Club,” musical artist Lana Del Ray releases her second album of 2021. Unlike many of the musician’s previous albums, “Blue Banisters centers around topics that her listeners can relate to, such as the 2020 pandemic.

A different approach to songwriting

Brielle Wilson, Staff Reporter
November 4, 2021

On August 11 2021 marvel what if made its way into disney+ as the watcher follows and guides us through these parallel universes we haven’t answered the question What if.

Timelines Collide

Colin Ribaya, Staff Reporter
November 4, 2021
Fast and Furious 9 is the latest in the series coming out in June of 2021

Family is immortal

Reece Straley, Staff Reporter
November 3, 2021
Daniel Craig takes his final bow as the infamous British spy in “No Time to Die”. The film was postponed due to COVID-19 and made its debut with a theater-only screening.

007 out of 10

Kaden Roth, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief
November 2, 2021
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