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All out for the “Fallout”

Recently a brand new show about a video game franchise has just been released
The ‘Fallout’ show has finally been released and it is better than expected.
The ‘Fallout’ show has finally been released and it is better than expected.

On April 10, the first eight episodes of ‘Fallout’ were released. The show was released to a positive reception, with a Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an eight out of ten on IMDb. The show “Fallout” was based on the game franchise of the same name, however, that’s one of the only similarities. With a second season on the way, it would be important to know if the first season is any good. 

With each episode being an hour, the show in total would take around seven and a half hours to finish. I was able to get over halfway through it in the evening. 


Episode one- The End

Is an introduction to our main cast Lucy Maclean played by Ella Purnell, Cooper “Coop” Howard played by Walton Goggins, and finally Maximus played by Aaron Moten. Lucy Maclean (Ella Purnell) lives in a vault with her father Hank Maclean (Kyle MacLachlan) and her brother Norm Maclean (Moises Arias). Lucy was going to be married to some random person from another vault the problem was these weren’t vault dwellers, they were from the surface. Their leader Moldover (Sarita Choudhury) ends up taking Hank and Lucy ventures out to find him. We then switch over to Maximus who is a part of a justice group called the Brotherhood of Steel. Maximus gets bullied by others in his camp. His only friend ends up getting a job as a squire for a knight, however, someone stops him from getting the job. Maximus ends up getting to be the squire to Knight Titus. The episode shifts to the final main character Cooper who is a ghoul which is basically a zombie. Cooper is let out of his coffin by some fellas who want him to hunt down a bounty. Cooper ends up killing these guys as compensation for taking the bounty. 

Episode two- The Target

In this episode, Lucy is still heading toward her father. Meanwhile, Maximus and his knight are tracking down a scientist and his dog. Maximus is instructed by his knight to investigate but there’s a creature lurking around. The knight is then attacked by a mutant bear he barely survives but a few minutes later he ends up dead. It then cuts to Lucy who has arrived in the town of Filly see then finds the scientist and his dog but Cooper “Coop” tracked the scientist down because of the bounty on his head. A big fight ensues against the bounty hunter in which he somehow wins when Maximus shows up in the knight armor; he then instructs Lucy to keep the scientist safe while he deals with Cooper. Maximus started losing, he tried to escape but he ended up crashing into the ground. Meanwhile, Lucy and the Scientist escape and are headed toward Hank. Lucy and the scientist have been walking for a while except the scientist ends up dying of blood loss because his foot got shot off. The problem is that Moldover wanted this scientist guy or the thing that was in his head. So Lucy takes the scientist’s head to Moldover. Maximus is sent a squire to escort him this is because the Brotherhood assumed that Maximus was deceased even though he wasn’t. 

Episode three- The Head

Maximus and his squire eventually found the body of the scientist. They also need the head from the scientist so they continue. Cooper finds the scientist but he also wants to continue and find the head of the scientist. It then cuts back to Lucy who is still traveling to Moldover, Lucy ends up stuck on one side of the river but she is attacked by a mutant axolotl which steals the head from her. Cooper then shows up and he wants the head but Lucy loses it to the axolotl so he uses Lucy as bait for the axolotl. Cooper then takes Lucy hostage. Maximus and his squire end up finding the river they try to go through it but then the axolotl shows up and attacks Maximus the axolotl gets bored and attacks the squire after a big fight, Maximus kills the beast and it vomits out the head of the scientist. 

Episode four- The Ghouls

In this episode, Lucy and Cooper end up at the Super Duper Mart where Cooper sells her to the people running the mart. Lucy is welcomed in by a robot and has her finger replaced after it gets cut off. She is then knocked out to have her organs removed. We then cut back to vault 33 where Norm Maclean (Moises Arias) and his friend Chet (Dave Register) go off to see what happened to vault 32 which is how the raiders where the raiders came in from. Except something weird happened in vault 32 instead of them being killed by raiders it looked like they killed each other. They head back to vault 33 but Betty Pearson (Leslie Uggams) who’s the overseer is suspicious of them. Then it cuts back to Lucy in the mart where she then confronts the two raiders who probably hijacked the robot. Lucy breaks out of the mart and heads off into the wasteland.

The ‘Fallout’ show has 8 episodes in total. It was a fun watch and it has a lot of strengths compared to a lot of other video game-to-show/movie adaptations. There are some glaring problems with the show itself being the multiple main characters; it splits the show and makes it feel a little overwhelming. It also makes the episodes long which means that watching multiple episodes could feel draining. I say overall the show is good and it would make a great movie.

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