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Faith, family, ducks……in that order

A look into how God can change relationships and lifestyles
The new movie “The Blind” released in theaters Sept. 28, 2023 and helps the audience learn about the story of Phil and Kay Robertson along with what it looks like to give your life to Christ.

Almost everyone knows the famous show “Duck Dynasty ” or the famous duck call brand “Duck Commander,” but do they know how it all started? “The Blind” shows the journey of how Phil Robe​​rtson (Aron Von Adrian) met Miss Kay Caraway (Amelia Eve), along with how Si Robertson (Aaron Dalla Villa) and Phil’s other siblings were raised. 

The story also demonstrates how Phil struggled with alcohol, and how he turned his life around by finding God. This movie was released in theaters on Sept. 28th 2023 and was directed by “Andrew Hyatt.” The film was originally only supposed to appear in theaters for one weekend because of the controversy of Christian values in the movie. Since the movie did so well, it has stayed in theaters since ​​its release.

The film begins with Phil Robertson talking to his friend Big Al Bolen (Connor Tillman) about how he turned his life around and how he changed his old ways. The next scene c​​uts to Phil Roberston as a kid with his mom yelling at him. Phil then runs out of the house and runs into the thick wooded bayou. Phil then explains how the woods calm him and how he spends his days fishing, duck hunting and squirrel hunting

The next scene cuts to Phil and SI Robertson riding along with all of their other siblings getting in the car, and starting to drive to church. This scene helps show how much of a role the church played in Phils early childhood. The Robertson family then pulls into the church parking lot and some of the other kids begin to gossip about the Robertsons and how their clothes are raggedy and how they are poor. Miss Kay then tells the other kids to stop making fun of them and that they should be ashamed of themselves. I really liked this scene because it helps show that Kay always had a soft spot for Phil. Phil walks over to the other kids and begins to play football with them. This was the day that Phil discovered he was better at something else other than hunting. This  scene plays a big part in the movie because it helps people know that Phil Robertson did not only hunt and fish.

It then cuts to Phil playing football in High school at North Caddo high school in Vivian, Louisiana. After the game, Phil goes and talks to Kay after the game. Phil walks Kay out to her car after the game, and they go and get fries and ice cream. Phil and Kay then start to go out on more dates, and they become very close to each other. In this part of the movie it helps the audience understand what their young life was when they first started dating.

One night Phil meets Kay’s parents and her parents are very disrespectful to Phil. Kay’s parents give Phil a hard time about his lifestyle and tell Kay that she should date someone else. I felt very bad for Phil in this scene and I also felt bad for Kay because her parents were not really thinking about her feelings and just trying to protect their reputation. Phil then leaves and tells Kay that their relationship isn’t going to work, and that they should break up. Phil says it was partly her parents fault and the other part was due to the fact that it was hunting season.

Phil then spends his days in the Bayou by his house duck hunting and doesnt stop until the sun dips below the trees. One day when Phil is hunting, Si runs out and tells him Kay is at their house and is crying. Phil then runs to the house and asks Kay why she is crying. Kay says that her dad died. Phil attends the funeral and comforts Kay. In this scene I could see how sad this made Kay but at the same time it also kind of reignited a flame between the two. After this traumatic event, Phil and Kay once again become very close to each other and start dating again. After the passing of Kay’s dad, her mom becomes an athlete and later passes away. This part in the movie helps the audience understand that Kay also went through hard times even though she was rich and lived comfortably. 

Now since both of Kay’s parents passed away, the only big role person she has in her life is Phil. Phil and Kay started going out more again. The movie then does a year and a half time skip and Kay is now pregnant and Phil is now a Freshman in college at Louisiana Tech. Phil is on a football scholarship and is the starting quarterback. One fact that many people don’t know is that Terry Bradshaw (Hall of Fame quarterback) was Phil’s backup during college.

After a year in college Kay gives birth to their first child “Alan Roberston.” After the birth of Alan, Phil decides that he is done playing football, but still manages to graduate from Louisiana Tech with two degrees. I think it was good that the movie mentioned that Phil got two degrees because first of all that is very impressive and he wasn’t on scholarship after he dropped football so he had to pay for college himself. Kay takes care of Alan while Phil goes to work as a fisherman. A few months go by and Phil gets hired as a teacher at Louisiana Public schools. When Phil began teaching many of his co-workers were alcoholics and Phil started following in their footsteps. Most days after the school day they would all go drink at the bar until midnight. The movie then does another year time skip and Phil and Kay have their second kid name “Jayce Robertson.” Phil is still very much an alcoholic and the family is struggling to pay for food, bills and gas. As this section of the movie played out I could easily see that this was kind of the point in which Phil and Kay’s relationship got weaker.

Phil and Kay begin to argue about how Phil is spending more time at the bar than he is with his family. One day when Phil is drinking outside their house with his friends, Kay comes outside and the pastor arrives at their house. The pastor recommends that Phil and his friends put down their beer and pick up their bibles. Phils tells the pastor to get lost and leave his property. After all of Phil’s friends leave, Kay and Phil argue that Phil needs to stop drinking and getting drunk. Phil flips the table and punches the wall and kicks Kay and the boys out of the house. Kay and the boys grab their stuff and go and live with Kay’s friend. 

Phil then lives in the house by himself and gets fired from his job. One day Si takes the boys to go and visit Phil. Si talks to Phil about how he needs to get his life together and stop drinking. Phil then reaches for a hug from the boys and the boys back away. I felt that this scene was very powerful because I was kind of a wake up call for Phil. Phil says that they need to leave. When Si and the boys leave, Phil realizes he needs to get his family and his sanity back. He goes and talks to Kay and Kay tells him that the only way Phil can be back in the family is if he stops drinking and turns his life to God. Kay calls the pastor for Phil and Phil has a long talk with him. Phil gets baptized and starts to build a better relationship with Kay and God.

The Roberston family is then reunited and moves back in with each other. Phil stopped drinking and got most of his buddies to stop drinking along with turning their lives to God. Phil and Kay now live happy lives together and have four kids: Alan, Jayce, Willie and Jep. I loved every part of this movie and would highly recommend people from all walks of life watch it.

I would rate this movie a 4/5



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Wyatt Carmichael
Wyatt Carmichael, Staff Reporter
Wyatt is a junior at Millard West and beginning his first year on the CATalyst staff. In his free time Carmichael likes to create sports videography and photography and spend time outdoors with family and friends by fishing, hiking, riding bikes and waterfowl hunting. Wyatt loves spending time watching high school, college and professional sports. Whenever Wyatt is watching sports he enjoys cheering on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  • G

    Greg ScavuzzoDec 19, 2023 at 3:52 am

    I enjoyed the movie review, Phil,Kay , and all of the Robertson’s are great to watch on Duck Dynasty and I think this film will be wonderful, thanks again and God Bless