Unknown parasitic twin takes over

New horror film takes over theaters with its twisted plot line

 New horror movie has a great plotline, and keeps you wanting to watch. This movie came out Sept. 10, 2021. It is also scheduled to stream on HBO Max, one month after release in theaters.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

New horror movie has a great plotline, and keeps you wanting to watch. This movie came out Sept. 10, 2021. It is also scheduled to stream on HBO Max, one month after release in theaters.

Emily Calpin, Staff Reporter

From “The Conjuring, Insidious, Saw and The Nun”, James Wan directed a new chilling horror movie. Wan was expected to live up to the past expectations of his previous work. To say the least, he succeeded. This movie left me in dismay with so many following questions. 

This film begins with Gabriel (unknown creature), a psychiatric patient displaying his paranormal behaviors like controlling electricity and showing how he is able to display his thoughts over speakers. But, with hidden emotional trauma, Gabriel displays his anger by killing staff members at his institution with his uncontrollable rage. I thought this was very intriguing and it made me interested in the movie. 

Twenty seven years later, Madison Lake(Annabelle Wallis), living in Seattle with her abusive husband Derek Mitchell(Jake Abel), came home from a long day at work. Far along with her pregnancy, Madison feels unwell as she and her husband begin to argue. Derek feels he has had enough and slams Madison’s head into the wall leaving Madison bleeding on the ground with no one to help her. Panicked, Madison locks herself in her bedroom as she falls asleep. 

After a nightmare, Madison is woken up to her husband’s dead body as the killer is still in the house and attacks Madison. Leaving her wounded, paramedics and police show up to her house. Now in the hospital, Madison has found out that  had a miscarrage. After hearing this, Madison is devastated and grieves with her sister Sydney (Madison Hassin), who is taking care of her in the hospital.  While in the hospital, the killer kidnaps and kills a tourist working at an underground tourist site. This time, Madison has a very detailed vision of the killer murdering Mr. Weaver (Jacqueline McKenzie). At this point in the movie, I was kind of confused on why everyone was dying. Later, a childhood picture of Madison is revealed in Weaver’s house and they learn that he specializes in reconstruction surgery. 

        Madison feels that she is safest back in her house so she returns back taking extra precautions and locking each door. After having another vision of this killer, Madison and her sister approach the police. After terrifying visions of a long dark figure violently murdering Dr. Fields, the killer, contacts Madison and reveals his name to be Gabriel. With hope for some answers, Madison contacts the police about this information but they don’t believe her visions and take Madison as a suspect for the crimes. 

Losing hope, Madison visits her mom and finds old footage of her speaking to an imaginary figure, Gabriel, Madison’s sister drives to the psychiatric hospital, hoping to unlock some of Madison’s memories. Madison recalls her birth name as Emily May. So close to clarity, a body falls through Madison’s attic revealing that Gabriel is living in the house. With no other suspects, police arrest Madison. In the hospital, Madison’s sister finds old film and documents showing Gabriel as a teratoma, meaning Gabriel shares the same spinal cord and brain. 

As she continues searching, she finds an old tape showing Gabriel as a half formed twin emerging out of Madison’s back. Gabriel and Madison both took control over the body they shared, but Gabriel was considered a tumor. So, doctors emerged Gabriel’s face into the back of Madison’s skull hoping to resolve the issues.

While in Madison’s skull, he was able to feed off her energy growing stronger and controlling her thoughts and actions. From recent trauma, Gabriel found Madison at her weakest point and decided to overtake her life. Now in jail, Gabriel attacks the entire building with superhuman powers. Madison’s sister is able to find her but Gabriel has taken over. Madison’s sister is hoping to overtake him and brings up that he has been feeding off of Madison’s weaknesses and has taken control over her. Madison still has some control over her brain. She uses all of her anger to overcome  him and take back. Now in control of her own body, she is able to rip and close her skull, and hopefully forever lose Gabriel.

 This action packed movie makes every terrifying scene come to life. Although there are many plot twists, this film will keep you at the edge of your seat. Overall, I would recommend this movie to people who like horror films.