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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

Empowering through music
Kaden Roth and Annabelle Harshbarger December 2, 2021
Theater Etiquette PSA
December 2, 2021
Burger Wars
December 2, 2021
The Millard West Spanish Honors Society (SHS) helps run a Spanish club for third graders at Willowdale Elementary. Young students are introduced to the language and culture by participating in a number of activities. “The SHS students run the different stations and teach the third graders the lesson,” Spanish Honors Society sponsor Alexander Jameson said. “We have four stations and the kids rotate around every eight to 10 minutes. We always have a culture station and then three Spanish language stations.”
Planting the seeds of cultural appreciation
Kaden Roth, Online Editor-in-Chief • December 2, 2021

Spreading new languages with the hope of promoting the appreciation of other cultures is what spurred the Millard West Spanish Honors Society (SHS) to start and run a Spanish Club for third graders at Black Elk Elementary and Willowdale...

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Girls with disabilities show off their talents and dreams at the 2021 Miss Amazing Amplify event. They are given a chance to show the world that they are no different than any other girl and are on the path to do great things. “The Amplify Event is an annual event that gathers girls and women from across the state of Nebraska (and even a gal from Wyoming this year) of all different abilities,” volunteer director Sydney Ferrara said. “Its purpose is to encourage confidence, leadership and friendship.”
Amplifying chances
Alexis Bahensky, Opinions Editor • November 22, 2021

Girls of all ages were able to showcase their talents and aspirations on Nov. 6 and 7 at the annual Nebraska Miss Amazing Amplify event at Ralston High School. The event helps spread awareness about disabilities. Nebraska Miss Amazing’s...

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Explaining directions and the designated rooms each Forensics and Debate student will compete in, Forensis coach Jennifer Jerome wraps up her directions. Starting off the season with an in-person tournament the GOLD tournament was held on Nov. 12 at Millard West High School. “Im excited to finally get back to in-person competition,” Jerome said. “We wanted to start with our GOLD tournament so that our novice members could get the swing of things before we jump into the busy season.”
The pursuit of dispute
Riley Kramolisch, Managing Editor • November 18, 2021

Formal attire, board in hand and cases ready, Forensics and Debate students hosted the GOLD tournament for new and young competitors. On Nov. 12, more experienced and older members helped run the event while the younger, novice members...

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Students need more culturally diverse books in schools in order to represent all students and foster a more accepting future.
Books are breeding bias
Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director • December 2, 2021
From a young age, men are taught that showing emotion is “weak.” Misogynistic behavior, mental health issues and violence stem from this mindset.
Holding men accountable
December 1, 2021
Screen time is becoming a problem. Many people are spending more and more time on their devices and it is having an impact on their health.
Screened in
November 30, 2021
Schools should start later because of health reasons. Teens need more sleep than children and adults.
The issue with start times
November 30, 2021
Missing from the media
Missing from the media
November 19, 2021
While training after earning her second-degree black belt, sophomore Olivia O’neill stands in a defensive block position. Training at Omaha Blue Waves since she was five, O’neill is now training to achieve her third-degree belt, or the Sam Dan. “Practices, or classes, throughout the week focus on multiple different things,” O’neill said. “Weekday classes lean more towards traditional martial arts, in other words, everything you will need to advance to the next rank. Saturday classes consist of more extreme martial arts. This is reserved for tumbling classes, classes to make creative forms, and weapons classes.”
A kickstart of confidence
Samantha Vojslavek, Feature Story Editor • November 30, 2021
Veterans Day is a day of remembrance and appreciation for those who have served our country.
Honoring those who served
Reece Straley, Staff Reporter • November 17, 2021
Sophomore Logan Moseley works to create a graphic for the STRIV TV live stream.  The graphics are important to the live stream as they provide stats and information about the players.
STRIVing for success
October 12, 2021
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With the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version,)” fans are welcomed to a new outlook into Swift’s work with the premiere of a short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien.
Mastering a new medium
Brenna Batchelder, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Cartoonist • December 2, 2021
Red Notice hit select theatres on Nov. 6 and aired on Netflix on Nov. 12 featuring a very popular cast such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and actress Gal Gadot.
Coming in red hot
December 1, 2021

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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Celebrating students progress Halle Opat coaches youth girls wrestling. Opat encourages the next generation of girls to grow wrestling by teaching them. As Ive been coaching Ive seen it grow tremendously in the last couple of years on the youth level, said Opat. its extremely rewarding to be able to help grow a passion for such an amazing sport.
Women on the mat
Genevieve Carter, Staff Reporter • December 2, 2021
Senior Charlie Nosal poses with fellow mwc teammates. While  celebrating a big tournament win.
Putting the MW in MWC
November 22, 2021
The teams wait at the starting line for the gun to be fired. In such a big and competitive meet runners are dealing with a lot of emotions throughout the race. “It was a little nerve racking,” sophomore Jack Witte said. “It was a fun experience and I got to see competition from all over and got to see how I compared to lots of great runners. Overall it was a fun, different, and cool experience.”
Running in Regionals
November 18, 2021
Senior Trace Thaden leaps up for the lay up at the 2021 semi final game against Millard North. Thaden is due for a much more prominent role in the team this year being one of the more experienced returning players this season. “I’m going to have to create more shots for myself and help calm my team down,” Thaden said. “Because they don’t have a lot of experience, they are going to need to play and get a feel for a real varsity game.”
Big shoes to fill
November 17, 2021
Millard West pushed themselves all season to make it to the championship. Although they took a hit once they got there, the team is happy with their performance. “It was so cool to be only the second ever Millard West volleyball team to make it in the state finals, senior Eluria Ahl said. “We are so proud of everything we accomplished this season.”
A long fought battle
November 17, 2021
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Hot Mic: Mock NFL Draft
Hot Mic: Mock NFL Draft
Logan Moseley, Staff Reporter • April 14, 2021

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