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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

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Frozen masterclass
Quinn Burton, Catalyst Editor-in-Chief • May 24, 2023
Donating in memory
May 15, 2023
Teaching with heart
May 12, 2023
Junior Logan Moseley wins first place for his News Broadcast story, “Vote YES for MPS.”

“It was very cool hearing my name get called up,” junior Logan Moseley said. “Once they called second place, everyone kind of looked at me— it was just very cool and surreal.”
Effort leads to opportunities
Ariana Griffin, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief • May 15, 2023

Students from the journalism staff went to Northeast Community College on April 25 to compete for State. Some students had already won awards, but others had to compete in on-site writing competitions. These competitions had many...

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Camping out in the parking lot, senior Ernie Miranda prepares to wait as long it takes to capture his target. For this particular assassination, Miranda figured out where his target worked and the time they normally got there. “The key to success with Senior Assassin is to wait around for people much longer than anyone would ever expect you to,” Miranda said. “You also have to study the Life360 circle to find patterns throughout your targets day if you really want to win.” Photo by Kelsey Nunnenkamp
Assassinate the assassinator
Kelsey Nunnenkamp, Managing Editor • May 5, 2023

On Sunday, April 30, 100 seniors kicked off their annual game of Senior Assassin. Names of targets were sent out at 5 p.m. and not too long after that at 5:43 p.m. the first target had been unsuspectedly pelted by water, marking the...

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Millard West and German Exchange Students played a game called the xylophone challenge where they had to balance across a wobbly bridge. One of the many trips these students went on was to the Camp Carol Joy Holling where they used teamwork to complete many different challenges. “We got on a swing and had to work together to make it across to the other side,” junior Katie Rinell said. “We had to use teamwork to get across the ropes course.”
Empfang bis Amerika
Jackson Diebold, Staff Reporter • May 4, 2023

On April 13, German Exchange students landed in Omaha, Nebraska, for the first time in three years and were very excited to learn more about American culture. Twenty three students and two teachers were assigned to stay with Millard...

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Graphic by Ditch That Textbook
How ChatGPT is revolutionizing education
Nathan Delaney, Staff Reporter • May 12, 2023
The wheel tax is a $50 dollar tax imposed on your car when registering every year. With an estimated $860 million dollars in revenue, and no significant improvements to our roads, its time for the wheel tax to go.
A waste of $50
March 28, 2023
Stacking dirty lunch trays, junior Carson Chesterman keeps the conveyor belt to the dish washing center running smoothly during second lunch. Although a simple task, it provides some major help and a much needed break for the custodial staff to focus on other areas of the cafeteria. “I enjoy seeing my fellow peers also taking on the responsibility of cleaning and helping out around the school as well,” Chesterman said. “I firmly believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to help others out, one way or another.” Photo by Kelsey Nunnenkamp
Lunch room leader
Kelsey Nunnenkamp, Managing Editor • April 24, 2023
Sudeta holding up the finished project after applying the protective wax.
A new sound
John Nesci, Staff Reporter • March 1, 2023
The foreign exchange students take the stage during the pep rally. They show their Wildcat Pride by waving their flags and introducing themselves. Kanta Kanatiyanon is from Thailand, Patricia Dominguez-Adame Santalla is from Spain and Alexa Thesis is from Germany.
Learning a new culture
November 22, 2022
Senior Calleigh Joslin is photographed by Abby Halsey at the first show choir competition of the 2022 season: Westside Competition of Excellence.
Shooting for the stars
November 16, 2022
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The wide array of characters throughout the film is a spectacle. References of retro games with modern comedy combine to make a fun experience for any age.
The spectacular Super Mario show
Eddie Shi, Staff Reporter • April 26, 2023
What does a bear on cocaine do? Nothing really, but in the movie, the bear on cocaine runs rampant in a forest. Stimulants have the effect of increasing energy and alertness, but overuse causes psychosis. Who wouldnt want to see psycho bear goes on a killing streak?
A simple thriller
March 16, 2023

What is your favorite extinct animal?

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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young (top left), Ohio St. quarterback C.J. Stroud (top right), Alabama Edge Will Anderson Jr. (bottom left) and Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (bottom right) highlighted the top four in what proved to be one of the most exciting and interesting drafts in a long time. Nearly 40% of all picks were traded at some point in time in just the first round. Photo from Logan Moseley.
2023 NFL Draft recap and grades
May 1, 2023
Junior Noah Blair enters the mat to wrestle. Blair had won the A182 State Championship the year before and was getting ready to do the same again. “I prepare for State the same way I do any other tournament,” Blair said. “Its more than just what you do on the mat, its eating habits, sleep schedule, recovery, et cetera.”
Taking State
March 7, 2023
During Millard West’s 74-66 loss to Elkhorn South, the Wildcats found themselves in a position to pull ahead, but were unable to do so. Junior Jordan Gassen (5), senior Zac Grandgenett (22), junior Cooper Fortune (23), senior Peyton Moore (12) and senior Jaden Giaus (14) all were crucial in the teams upset-watch game against the Storm. “We had so many close games throughout the season, each loss was a tough one every single time,” Gassen said. “I was happy we were able to finally get that win against Omaha Central. All of our seniors this year have been great teammates, and it was a pleasure playing with them, and I will miss you next year”. Though the team went 8-15, there is still a lot of promise going into next year.
Another tough season
March 7, 2023
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Logans Sport Takes: Nebraska Episode
Logan's Sport Takes: Nebraska Episode
Logan Moseley, MWHS Wildcat News Editor-in-Chief • December 1, 2022

Logans Sport Takes: NFL
Logan's Sport Takes: NFL
November 22, 2022
AC Podcast 2
AC Podcast 2
May 5, 2022
AC Podcast 1
AC Podcast 1
May 5, 2022
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