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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

French fashion show
Quinn Burton and Carley Bailey January 26, 2022
Eventful week on the mat
January 26, 2022
The music lives on
January 26, 2022
What is MW listening to?
January 26, 2022
West in the Groove performs on Jan. 16 at their premiere event. This was an opportunity for members like senior Ally Dunne to show friends and family what performances they’ll be competing with this coming season. “A lot of people really like our song ‘Juice’ by Lizzo,” Dunne said. “We sang that with some fun mirror choreography and soloist parts which got a good reaction out of the audience.”
Premiering at last
Kaden Roth, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief • January 25, 2022

After almost two years Millard West show choir took to the stage for their premiere event on Sunday, Jan. 16. All three groups, West in the Groove (WIG), Uptown Girls and Swing Cats (SCATS), performed in front of friends and family...

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Freshman Madalynn Johnson sings “Oldest Orphan in the John Grier Home” from the musical “Daddy Long Legs” during the mainstage showcase of the State Thespian Festival. Before the event Johnson qualified for a callback and then took part in four rounds of auditions throughout the festival that landed her one of seven spots. “It was a decently long process,” Johnson said. “I went through the call back process and then at the teacher award ceremony it was announced that I would be performing in the final showcase.”
Taking a statewide stage
Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director • January 18, 2022

Millard West drama students in Troupe 5483 started off the new year and third semester with a unique form of course instruction: attending the Nebraska Thespian Festival.  From Thursday, Jan. 6 to Saturday, Jan. 8, participants...

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Using a magnifying tool senior Riley Kramolisch looks at the hidden coding on the side of a proof. As a member of the Prowler Yearbook staff she had the opportunity to travel to Marceline, Missouri to tour the Walworth printing facilities. “The tour was such a great experience to learn more about where our yearbook is printed,” Kramolisch said. “Looking at all of the little details that go into printing other papers and prints was really impressive.”
Planting their feet in Marceline
Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director • December 21, 2021

Members of the Prowler Yearbook Staff boarded a charter bus on Wednesday, Dec. 8, and made the four hour journey to Marceline, Missouri. There, they visited the three Walsworth Printing facilities to take a deeper look into the process...

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With record COVID-19 cases across Omaha, masking is a critical safety measure in schools.
Follow the mask mandate
Morgan Weir, Editor-in-Chief • January 24, 2022
Senior year is coming to an end fast and college is right around the corner. The stress of being prepared for the future years after high  schools begins to kick in for seniors.
Pathway to success
January 24, 2022
The Millard West bad posture account (“badposturemwhs”) shows students slouching showing how improper their posture is. Most of these students don’t even know their photos are being placed on the account which is a larger controversy in itself.
Social shaming
January 18, 2022
Colts quarterback Carson Wentz (2, left) is one of nine Indianapolis Colts players to test positive for the virus. With his unvaccinated status, he must test regularly, and wear a mask at all times. For Colts coach Frank Reich (right), he does not have to follow the same guidelines, as he is vaccinated.
Time for a break
January 12, 2022
These three coaches, Mickey Joseph, Mark Whipple and Donovan Raiola, are the three most recent hires for Nebraska football. All three have coaching or playing experience at a higher level, and it is a great sight to see these men as the new faces in Husker Football.
Whipple Affects
December 20, 2021
Senior Lizzie Ward maneuvers through cones during a western horsemanship competition. She has been competing in equestrian since the age of 6 and has won six ribbons. “I have always had a love for horses, so when I turned 6 my grandma had started me in riding lessons,” Ward said. “That is how my interest in riding really started.”
Riding to victory
Camille O'Neill, Sports Director • January 21, 2022
Using nothing but her vocal cords, senior Campbell Macy shows off her talents with the SNJ Singers, an a cappella group which is an audition-only group. The a cappella group performs about five times a year in a variety of locations, but their most popular concert is their winter holiday concert. “Being in the group means you have a lot of responsibility to learn the music and you also have to be able to dedicate time outside of rehearsal sometimes to be able to do that,” Macy said. “This is part of the reason why it’s an audition only group since Joel, our director, wants to know that the people in the group are going to take their commitment seriously.”
Singing to their own beat
Riley Kramolisch, Staff Reporter • January 21, 2022
Senior Adam Mar works hard in his advanced pottery class to create a bowl on the wheel. Throughout the semester Mar has become more confident in his abilities as he learns new techniques and gains a new skill set. “I’ve seen Adam progress just in the way that he opens up more to the material that we work with,” advanced pottery teacher John Kirke said. “Now that he seems more relaxed and invested in it, Ive seen him laugh and smile this semester more than I have the entire four years.”
Sculpting a new standard
January 20, 2022
Displayed above is senior Chloe Hackbart’s title page for her project she submitted for the 2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge for Restoring Our Ocean ran through National Geographic to spread the word of the effects of climate change around the world. Placing third from competitors across 20 other countries, Hackbart took this experience and applied it to the bigger picture of helping those being affected daily due to the climate crisis. “Although it was nice to receive an award for my project, I was happier about the fact that the cause I focused on was able to reach such a large audience around the world,” Hackbart said. “I wanted the people who read their story & looked at my maps to gain an understanding of the immediate & detrimental effects climate change is having on our planet right now.”
Project change
December 21, 2021
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Best Bison’s menu includes many traditional dishes, with the meat replaced by bison.
Not the best
Evan Vaslow, MWHS Wildcat News co-Editor-in-Chief • January 25, 2022
American Underdog is the story of Kurt Warner, without any substance to what made his career great.
The overrated underdog
January 20, 2022

What is your favorite holiday movie?

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Junior Peyton Moore(12) battles inside the paint as he was the Wildcats leading scorer in the game. Millard West utilized a fast offensive start and a lot of energy to boost them to a win over Roncalli, with a tough game coming up against Bellevue West they will need all the momentum they can get. “We really came out with energy after not playing on Friday,” Moore said. “We are going to try and carry this little bit of momentum we have got right now and have a great week of practice and prepare for Bellevue West.”
Wildcats roll past Roncalli
Joseph Ebmeier, Staff Reporter • January 20, 2022
Millard West put in hard work throughout the whole game but after halftime they excelled. They were quick, motivated, and came out ready to play. “The third and fourth quarters we used our coaches motivation to help us take chances on defense and go to the rim with confidence to help put us ahead,” sophomore Max Froloff said. “The best thing we did well in the game was realizing the opportunity we were missing out on by not playing hard and fixing that in the second half.”
West on point
January 13, 2022
Junior Jillian Weland follows through after releasing the ball during the duel vs. Papillon-La Vista South. The varsity girls competed hard against a strong Titan team, falling 13-8. “I struggled with the oil on the lanes,” Weland said. “I think it could help our team by practicing on different styles of lanes so we would be exposed to different oil patterns.”
Keep on rolling
January 12, 2022
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Daily Chats: Episode Two
Daily Chats: Episode Two
Riley Kramolisch and Samantha Vojslavek January 25, 2022

Daily Chats: Episode 1
Daily Chats: Episode 1
January 25, 2022
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