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The Catalyst

Junior Brenna Batchelder works on her oil painting with the studio coordinator Sophie Newell. “I love seeing mentees come into their own through art,” Newell said. “Sometimes there's a semester where something clicks and everything falls into place, for example they'll try a new medium that they love or meet a mentor that they really connect with.”

An artist calling

October 12, 2020

Above is a picture of Bersch and Hennessy in their favorite outfit of the year. They are wearing Black ripped jeans, a white belt and a purple tee shirt. “Purple is both of our favorite colors,” Bersch said. “And we think the outfit is overall very cute and matches our style really well.”

Twin Tuesday

October 7, 2020

Junior Zachary Neesen and volunteers work to paint the room numbers used during fire drills on the sidewalks outside of Millard West high school. “On the day of the project, I assigned areas for the volunteers and gave them the needed supplies,” Neesen said. “Then during the project, I checked in with my volunteers repeatedly and offered any help I could.”

Painting the path

October 7, 2020

Sitting on the cement outside, junior Chloe Brandenburg strums a song on the ukulele as they sing along with the music. Brandenburg has recently taken up the hobby of playing the ukulele again and shares their music during lunch. “It makes me feel really happy when people listen to me at lunch,” Chloe Brandenburg said. “I am very good at trashing on myself, so it’s a welcome change.”

Music and munching

October 6, 2020

Senior Jackson Lagemann goes to the gym every day to lift and workout. He has been going to the gym since middle school, where he lost 40 pounds and gained it all back in muscle. “My main focus in fitness has been bodybuilding,” Lagemann said. “A lot of what I post can be translated into strength training, conditioning or weight loss.”

As he sees fit

September 29, 2020

With a paintbrush in hand and her craft cart at the ready, senior Elise Nyffeler works on one of her custom banners. After a customer places an order, she tries to get the banner done within one week. “I usually work on four or five banners at a time,” Nyffeler said. “I always cut a batch of mini, regular and large banners before I start. I will paint the background of one, and then work on the next one while that one dries.”

Talent turned to business

September 18, 2020

Senior Vivien Gaines performs for judges at a local dance competition. “My style of dancing is mostly based around musicality and how I can portray the music with the movement,” Gaines said. “I’m a big fan of using music that isn’t traditionally used and playing around with how I can change the way the music is perceived with dancing.”

From student to instructor

September 18, 2020

This photo shows a piece that took Shelton a lot of time. Using her Prisma colored pencils she did a really good job shading. “The attention to detail took me the longest time Shelton said.” “Making sure the facial features were the correct proportions was the main challenge. I did have a lot of fun planning this out and shading everything.”

New hobbies in quarantine

September 11, 2020

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