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A piece of fabric, a textile or a garment is genderless. The fashion industry needs to represent the gender spectrum in a more realistic and inclusive way.

The future of fashion

Brielle Wilson, Staff Reporter
October 25, 2021
Contrary to popular belief, sex and gender are two very different things. While there is a certain number of sexes, there are more genders to put a number on. Gender is what you identify as which can differ from what your sex is.

Pronouns matter

Avery Looney, Staff Reporter
October 12, 2021
First Take, one of the most watched shows on ESPN, goes to show how clickbaiting is such a common occurrence in sports media. Along with the Iggy take, Kellerman has said that Kobe Bryant is the best worst shot takers in NBA history, thus, it prompted both guests to leave the studio. Photo courtesy of First Take.

It’s not content

Logan Moseley, Striv Co-Executive Producer, Business Manager
October 12, 2021
Many American lives are put on halt because of government shutdowns. In the image above, federal employees are protesting outside the capital of the U.S. because of the furloughing.

Putting lives on hold

Alexis Bahensky, Opinions Editor
October 8, 2021
Every year, the use of cell phones in the classroom becomes a bigger problem. Millard Public Schools has adopted a new policy that will restrict when students can use their phones at school.

End the screen routine

Sadie Smith, Staff Reporter
September 30, 2021
Donating blood at the Millard West blood drive, sponsored by HOSA, senior Luke Hudek waits for a Red Cross nurse to find a usable vein. Red blood cell and platelet transfusions can not be manufactured and can only come from donations. “This was my first time donating blood,” Hudek said. “I decided to donate because I knew it was for a good cause. Donating blood is important because it can save lives and it doesn’t have any harm on the person donating.”

The RapidPass needs a rapid update

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
September 28, 2021
The Tik Tok app has had quite a bit of controversy, and the growing amount of trends causing the need to raise the safe guards does not help.

The app with mounting backlash

Logan Moseley, Striv Co-Executive Producer, Business Manager
September 28, 2021
As kids grow up they have technology and the internet more and more involved in their daily lives. As this may come with certain benefits. The negative side of social media and devices being easily accessible for young kids has a bigger impact than you think.

The impact of social media

Brooke Sliva, Social Media Manager
September 28, 2021
The Bond girl normally plays a non-violent role. Having one in the future that could fight is a good idea.

Gender swapping doesn’t fit Bond

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter
September 28, 2021
Many items in the Millard West high school bathrooms are going missing. In the image above, a soap dispenser has been ripped off the wall leaving students no soap to clean their hands with.

A devious trend

Alexis Bahensky, Opinions Editor
September 27, 2021
Children in China are allotted three hours each weekend to play video games, a big contrast to children in the United States.

Disconnecting from the internet

Braden Stueve, Staff Reporter
September 27, 2021
People protest the dress code at Montclair Highschool. They were attempting to separate the clothes they wear with their education. They believe that the teachers and security guards should not send home girls if their clothing is deemed inappropriate. This protest started because a long sleeved dress was said to be too low-cut and sent a young girl home. The Cobb School District stated that it did not matter what the students wore, their education was more important, so the dress code will stay as is.

Changing the dress code

Amelia Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter
September 24, 2021
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