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Logan Moseley

Logan Moseley, Striv Executive Producer

Logan is a junior at Millard West, and is his third year on staff. Over the summer, Moseley worked media for a summer baseball league, gaining valuable experience from some of the best sports journalists in the state like Jaden Taylor of Westside, Tyler Reidy and Brenden Priesman of Creighton Prep. He was apart of multiple state broadcast teams, commentating volleyball, and running tech and camera for football, basketball and Millard West’s state baseball victory. His main sport is football, but enjoys basketball, baseball, volleyball and more. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Rams and Nebraska Cornhuskers.

All content by Logan Moseley

Streaming for fun

January 30, 2023
Sophomore Reese Wilson gets ready for a face off against his opponent. Wilson, the captain on the team, leads the team with nine goals and five assists on the season, good for 14 points on the year. “After losing in the state finals last year in triple overtime we were determined to come back stronger even with the loss of six seniors,” Wilson said. “This forced us to work even harder and bond on and off the ice.” The Wildcats take on the Junior Jays for their last game of the 2022 calendar year on Wednesday, Dec. 21st.

Shootout at Moylan

December 20, 2022
Matt Rhule, the newly hired head coach for Nebraska Football, was the first of many in this years head coaching cycle. Other coaches that were hired, and potentially in the eyes of athletic director Trev Alberts include Deion Sanders (Colorado), Hugh Freeze (Auburn) and Luke Fickell (Wisconsin) to name a few. However, Rhule brings the highest floor compared to those coaches, as he has built programs from the ground up, and leaving it in good hands if, or when, he leaves. Photo from @huskerfbnation on Twitter.

Rhule the day

December 5, 2022

MWHS 23: Road to glory

November 14, 2022
When Jon Willis first stepped onto campus at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, he didnt know what he was in for. Two years later, hes made improvements he wouldnt have anywhere else. “My boss at KRVN Jayson Jorgenson has impacted me the most,” Willis said. “If you listen to how I sound and broadcast a game before I started working there and after, it has completely changed. He has given me so much feedback and taught me how to become a better broadcaster, and Im incredibly lucky I have gotten to learn from him.” Photo courtesy @jon_willis_ on Instagram.

Calling an icon

October 11, 2022

Building for success

October 5, 2022
A career winning percentage of .340 is never good, but when you take a previously winless team such as the University of Central Florida Knights, and even as far as claiming the National Championship in 2017, you would expect nothing but the best for the new program that he would be running. What followed suit was five straight losing seasons, and a man 15 million dollars richer. Urban Meyer (bottom left), Thomas Brown (top left) and Matt Campbell (top right) all could bring the program back to relevance, something the Nebraska native couldn’t do.

Hot Frost

September 20, 2022
Kieren Langer heads down the hillside, coasting down and regaining his stamina. The downhills are some of the more technical parts of mountain biking, and one of his strong suits. “The main difference from the slow race to the actual race is the pedaling, you actually pedal more,” Langer said. “The downhills in the main race is where I excelled, which really shows the technical skills aspect of cycling, and mountain biking specifically.”

Cycling the mountain

September 8, 2022

Cats lose Q Street

September 1, 2022

Wonder Pets

May 11, 2022

Turning the page

April 27, 2022

Sports Corner

April 1, 2022
Setting our clocks back and forth is a completely unnecessary task. Unlike leap year, where we make up for previously lost six hours in one day, daylight savings time is a man-made problem, all from a concept by our founding fathers.

Keeping the light on

March 17, 2022
For sophomore Noah Blair, so much time and effort was put into his state run, both mentally and physically. In his Instagram bio, a simple message. #LLAS. “LLAS is for a buddy of mine who passed away this past season,” Blair said. “Him and I grew up wrestling together and competing against each other.” With the motivation to win it for his friend, Blair’s story will surely be one for people to look up to for years to come.

Powering to first

March 11, 2022

Spreading inclusion

March 9, 2022
On Feb 13, two of the National Football League’s best battled for a chance of a lifetime, a chance to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Los Angeles Rams of the National Football Conference and the Cincinnati Bengals of the American Football Conference, both the four seed in the playoffs, had unlikely paths to Sofi Stadium. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp (10) and defensive back Eli Apple (20) constantly saw themselves in this game, and Kupp’s score in the final two minutes against Apple sealed Cincinnatis fate.

We not Me

February 22, 2022

Fan Etiquette PSA

February 4, 2022
American Underdog is the story of Kurt Warner, without any substance to what made his career great.

The overrated underdog

January 20, 2022
Colts quarterback Carson Wentz (2, left) is one of nine Indianapolis Colts players to test positive for the virus. With his unvaccinated status, he must test regularly, and wear a mask at all times. For Colts coach Frank Reich (right), he does not have to follow the same guidelines, as he is vaccinated.

Time for a break

January 12, 2022
These three coaches, Mickey Joseph, Mark Whipple and Donovan Raiola, are the three most recent hires for Nebraska football. All three have coaching or playing experience at a higher level, and it is a great sight to see these men as the new faces in Husker Football.

Whipple Affects

December 20, 2021
These are the current schedules, and there are a lot. It may be best to simplify it down to just two, as it can confuse many people.

Shifting schedule

December 17, 2021

Pre-teacher times

November 17, 2021
This is my roster in the game. There is on the top left a 23 and a coin icon. These are “coaching credits”, the games currency and you can earn by progressing in the game or paying money. The yellow bar is your cap space. That is how much money you can spend on players, a feature separate from CCs. The bottom shows your teams overall and its morale levels, and the green bar under the players shows their health. The little icon by a player shows their awards on your team, and the background is what side of the ball they play. Blue for offense, red for defense and orange for special teams

8-bit mania

November 5, 2021
Sophomore quarterback Brody Peterson during warmups before his next game. Commenting on fellow sophomore Jackson Williams, and the rest of the year. “The back half of the year is the part that really matters the most,” said Peterson”. “I feel like teams dont know Jackson yet and hes such a playmaker and we can use him all over the place on special teams and offense.” Williams is the main target of Peterson when he is on the field, as the two have combined for over 800 yards

Halfway Threw

October 12, 2021
First Take, one of the most watched shows on ESPN, goes to show how clickbaiting is such a common occurrence in sports media. Along with the Iggy take, Kellerman has said that Kobe Bryant is the best worst shot takers in NBA history, thus, it prompted both guests to leave the studio. Photo courtesy of First Take.

It’s not content

October 12, 2021
The Bishop Sycamore team had a lot of effort put into it to fool both the players of their team and themselves. If the font wasn’t a minor red flag, this was taken from their HUDL page, and while the newest highlight is from 2019, it is safe to assume that this was an elaborate scheme, Ill be very creative.

Fake to lose

September 14, 2021
This was the original album cover for Donda, resembling a woman, most likely his late mom. The cover was scrapped to a black square. The album is very secretive, as he does not include who is featured on the album.

Donda drops

September 8, 2021
This shows the top nine picks in this years draft, with trades that occurred. The Miami Dolphins originally held the third overall pick, but traded it to San Francisco for pick 12, to which they also made a trade back into the top ten with Philadelphia, to select Waddle. Photo by Logan Moseley.

NFL Draft Recap

May 21, 2021

Senior Sign-Off

May 18, 2021
Gonzaga, led by Drew Timme, and Baylor, helped by Mark Vital, lead their respective teams into battle to try and earn each schools first championship in program history. Baylor came off an impressive win over Houston, whereas Gonzaga came off a thriller against UCLA.
Photo by Logan Moseley.

March Madness

April 19, 2021
Vaccines have a very tainted past, and we need to educate people on the benefits. Photo by Creative Commons

Vaccine Rollout

March 11, 2021
Blake Kahler commentates the Utah Jazz basketball game through Zoom.

Jazz Huddle

February 18, 2021
While being in a close contact situation in any case of COVID, you should stay away, and take it seriously.

Change why we quarantine

December 22, 2020

Hot Mic: Episode One

December 17, 2020
This pie graph shows the popular vote this year for the 2020 election.

2020 Election Recap

November 13, 2020

Voting PSA

October 29, 2020
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