Millard West v Bellevue West Varsity Football

Logan Moseley, Striv Co-Executive Producer, Business Manager

Sophomore quarterback Brody Peterson warming up pregame. (Logan Moseley)
Millard West student section files in an hour before the game. (Logan Moseley)
Players come out to the field to get ready to warm up. (Logan Moseley)
The whole team comes out onto the field to start the game. Bellevue West would get the ball first. (Logan Moseley)
Senior kicker Enrique Meraz kicks off the game with a kick down to around the 13 yard line. (Logan Moseley)
Coach Kirk Peterson stares at the field, hoping to pull of a major upset. (Logan Moseley)
Senior running back Nathan Pederson breaks away for a monster gain, which would later lead to a Peterson touchdown. (Logan Moseley)
The kickoff team gets ready to give the ball back to Bellevue West, following the touchdown. (Logan Moseley)
The Millard West student section fired up following a big play on defense. (Logan Moseley)
Senior tight end Trace Thaden with a sideline catch following a roll out pass from Peterson. (Logan Moseley)
Senior Evan Vaslow decked out in pink gear for the games theme. (Logan Moseley)
Senior Jaxson Cahoy back deep to return following the T-birds score. (Logan Moseley)
Senior tight end Trace Thaden laying the hammer on a monster stiff arm for a huge gain. (Logan Moseley)
The team at the end of the game, following the loss. Lead by a great performance by Peterson, the team lost 55-31.