Falcon and Winter Solider Soar to new Highs

Marvels new series make a splash on Disney +



John Walker walks into a warehouse in New York City, and is looking for the Flag Smashers. Photo by Disney+.

Logan Moseley, Staff Reporter

Marvel’s new series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” concluded on April 23 and concluded what was an epic series of action and in-depth storytelling.

In this show, the viewer sees Falcon, also known as Wilson (Anthony Mackie), and what he is doing after the events in “Endgame.” Still having his suit, he adds new wings to the Air Force. While stationed in the Middle East, he learns that there is one more global threat, the Flag Smashers

While a relatively small group, they have appealing characteristics, with the main one trying to unite the entire world under one power. 

After leaving the Middle East, Wilson heads to D.C. to retire his good friend’s shield. Now that Steve Rogers is dead, the stars and stripes are to be retired, with an entire display in his honor. 

On the other side of post “Endgame,” we have Bucky Barnes — the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) — trying to get back to what was a normal life, nearly 75 years later. Anyone that he had any connection to is dead. This struggle back to real life is very interesting in his character development, and makes him seem less robotic, compared to the past.

But the biggest news of episode one is that there is a new Captain America. I get the reasoning behind making him, but at first, I was really disappointed in the creation of him.

The new Captain America is John Walker (Wyatt Russell), and he has the resume to back up his promotion to the face of the country. Walker was the top of his class in training to become the next cap and is joined by his friend from high school, Lemar Hoskins (Cle Bennett).

After seeing footage of what the Flag Smashers can do, both Wilson and Barnes set out on a mission to figure out more about the group, and also what they plan to do next.

While on their mission, they head to Germany and see that the group is loading what looks to be very heavy boxes onto a couple of trucks. The only problem is that the team figures out that there looks to be someone in one the trucks, and they start thinking of ways to get them out. 

This ends up being a trap and learn that the Smashers have the super soldier serum.

With more questions appearing than answers, Wilson and Barnes take a trip. They go to a high security prison, to get once enemy Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). Zemo is very antiserum and wants it all destroyed. He also can get them anywhere they need to be, making him very useful.

But Zemo angered the Wakandans.

They then go to Germany, and fight Morganthau (Erin Kellyman). They also find some more serum, stomping on the powerful liquid, except for one they don’t see. Before they go, Walker sees one bottle, and takes it.

With their last defeat, they try to track down the Flag Smashers, and they are successful after a threat from Morganthau. They once again fight, but, during the conflict, Hoskins dies. In a fit of rage, Walker commits murder to the wrong person, and it goes viral. I think this was the perfect thing to do. Making Walker the villain made it so we can see the human side of him.

Walker loses his privilege to be Captain America, and Wilson also loses his wings during the fight. 

In a final fight, Morganthau dies, and so does the rest of the Flag Smashers. The Falcon turns into the next Captain America, and Walker turns into a new agent.