The iPhone 13 is not all that

The newest Apple smartphone is not worth the hype


The iPhone 13 comes in five colors- red, starlight, midnight, blue, and pink. I got my phone in the color pink, and absolutely love the gorgeous pastel color.

Sadie Smith, Staff Reporter

Like clockwork, Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has released a new series of iPhones every year for the past 14 years. And like clockwork, thousands of people flock each year to get their hands on the newest model.

Since the first iPhone’s debut in 2007, there have been a total of 13 series and 33 different phones. Millions of people across the globe are loyal and dedicated iPhone users. Many even buy the new smartphones when they come out every year, just so they can have the newest model. But despite how popular Apple iPhones are, are they worth the hype?

The newest generation of iPhones was released on Sept. 24 and introduced the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. When the newest phones dropped, people waited in line for hours outside of Apple stores across the world, and traffic on the website was so high that it crashed multiple times. Of course, none of this deterred people from indulging in the newest line of iPhones, including myself. 

As a proud iPhone owner since middle school (and in desperate need of an upgrade from my three-year-old iPhone X), I was ecstatic to finally buy the newest iPhone 13. I ordered my new phone in the color pink with 256 gigabytes of storage for about $900. I was most excited about the pink color, as this was the first time Apple released a pink phone. 

The first thing I noticed after opening up the phone was the clear difference in build. The iPhone 13 has a screen size of 6.1 inches, while the iPhone X has a screen size slightly smaller at 5.85 inches. The difference here isn’t as noticeable as the difference in the shape of the phone. This new series of iPhones has a thicker, boxier build, similar to Apple’s original designs that haven’t been seen since the release of the iPhone SE in 2016. Admittedly, the new build took some time to get used to, but I actually think it looks more sleek and modern than the design of the X.

Aside from the clear physical differences, the biggest improvement could be seen in the camera. The newest series has the best camera of any iPhone, capturing 47% more light for better detail and sensor-shift stabilization that keeps shots steady and clear. In addition to higher quality photos, the iPhone 13 features new modes to improve photography. 


The image above shows the difference between the camera on the iPhone 13 (left) and iPhone X (right). Clearly, the camera on the 13 shows way more detail and adjusts better to dark lighting.

Along with the classic photo, video, portrait, panoramic, slo-mo and time-lapse modes, the new iPhone series includes a cinematic mode. Cinematic mode is a video feature that holds focus on the main subject while creating a blur effect in the background. You can even adjust the focus or blur after you shoot the video. This unique feature is definitely worth mentioning when comparing the 13 to other phones, but is it enough to make the iPhone 13 stand out amongst the crowd?

Overall, I don’t think the iPhone 13 is all that. If you have an old iPhone and are looking for an upgrade, getting the 13 might be a good idea, just because it is the newest phone, has a good battery life, and has some unique features. However, if you aren’t in desperate need of an upgrade, I don’t recommend spending almost $1,000 on a phone that is disappointingly similar to the past few series of iPhones.