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Travis Scott releases his fifth studio album
Travis Scott’s fifth studio album, “Utopia”, released on July 28, 2023. With multiple different covers, and a movie to go along, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest projects by an artist over the past 20 years.
Travis Scott’s fifth studio album, “Utopia”, released on July 28, 2023. With multiple different covers, and a movie to go along, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest projects by an artist over the past 20 years.
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After five years of waiting, Houston rapper Travis Scott released his highly anticipated album “Utopia.” The 19 song album lasted an hour and 14 minutes, and features many big names like Drake, 21 Savage, The Weeknd, SZA and more. 

The first song, “HYAENA,” starts off with a proclamation: “The situation we are in at this time, Neither a good one, nor is it so unblessed.” After the beat drop, Travis uses this song to introduce to the general theme of this album; a new wave of hip-hop while also reflecting on some of the times he’s made the headlines, for better or for worse.

His next two songs show one artist that he has taken the most inspiration from, Kanye West, as they have similar themes and even use similar beats. “THANK GOD,” the second track, cleverly builds off of West’s “Praise God” off his album “Donda,” a song that Scott is on. Scott also uses the same beat on his next song “MODERN JAM”, which people have noted is very close to West’s “I am a God” off of his album “Yeezus.” 

These first three songs introduce us to the direction of this album, while Scott attempts to separate himself from his models. It is also important to note that Scott had attempted to have a concert at the Giza Pyramids, but that was called off due to safety reasons. Ye had also done something similar with his album “Donda”, but those were at stadiums instead of one of the wonders of the world.

The next song is my personal favorite from the album, “MY EYES.” This song is much slower paced, at least in the first half. While the song may be calm, the lyrics show the sorrow that Scott has. That then switches into one of the best verses I’ve ever heard. The entire lead-up to the back half of the song shows how things can change in an instance. “Look in my eyes, tell me a tale, do you see the road that’s matching’ my soul- am I picture perfect or do I look fried, all of that green and yellow that drips from your eyes is tellin.” This entire snippet is a call out to his ex Kylie Jenner, specifically an interview where the simple question is asked “What color are my eyes,” in which Scott replied with “green sometimes yellow.” 

The following verse is “I replay them nights, and right by my side all I see is a city of people that ride with me if they just knew what Scotty would do to jump off the stage and save him a child.” This is in reference to the now infamous “Astroworld Festival,” in which multiple people died for a multitude of reasons. The final words, “Don’t blink,” is a message to all. Travis Scott won’t be opening himself as much as he did before.

The next song is another one of those experimental songs “GOD’S COUNTRY,” which once again follows the mold Kanye West created. However, the next three songs are the Travis Scott we know. “SIRENS,” “MELTDOWN,” and “FE!N” all follow a similar mold Travis made for himself. Hype songs that are upbeat and high action. “MELTDOWN,” featuring Drake, has shown the most success on the Billboard Hot 100, debuting at the top of the charts. “FE!N,” featuring Sheck Wes and Playboy Carti, has become his new “SICKO MODE,” a crowd based song that you would see mosh pits to.

In a surprising turn of events, a song featuring Beyonce, “DELESTRO (ECHOES),” has seen some of the least positive views. This song is another one of those experimental songs. Scott then goes right back to another soulful song, “I KNOW ?.” This song is more of a direct reflection of his dating life. With lyrics like “One of one, I’m in the zone right now, tell me, am I still? (Mm) tellin’ you just how I feel right now you said it’s just the drugs and I know but then again, I could be drunk.” Other lyrics show this song is yet another song about his stint with Jenner.

Scott then follows this perfectly with “TOPIA TWINS,” a song that is a polar opposite of “I KNOW ?.” This song, featuring Rob49 and 21 Savage, shows an almost pimp life, something you’d see in a movie. It leads perfectly in “Circus Maximus,” which is the name of the movie Scott released the same night as his album, which can now be watched on YouTube. 

In one of the more surprising features, comedian Dave Chappelle, uses his voice perfectly to start and end the song “PARASAIL.” The 2:35 song is yet another sad song, showing that even in a utopia, things are never perfect. Followed up by “SKITZO” and “LOST FOREVER” are two songs that get glossed over, however I love the sample Scott uses in the beginning of both, as both songs are very cinematic. 

This vibe then gets flipped on its head, as “LOOOVE,” featuring Kid Cudi, starts shouting at you, but yet the lyrics don’t put you in that same mood. It’s less of us being scolded by the two, but more sarcasm wondering if we enjoy the suffering of not only Travis, but other celebrities.

Arguably the worst song in the entire album is “K-POP,” featuring Bad Bunny and The Weeknd. The main problem for me with this song is it’s not a Travis Scott song. It’s not even a Bad Bunny song or The Weeknd song either. There are too many conflicting genres to get it to work. 

However, the final two songs, “TELEKINESIS” and “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” are two of the most underrated songs in my opinion. “TELEKINESIS” closes the saga of the toxic relationship theme, with SZA’s feature coming from the heart where she caught her best friend with her boyfriend in high school. But that is not what the song is about. It is about Travis Scott and his redemption. The finale “TIL FURTHER NOTICE,” features one key line; “Where will you go now, now that you are done with me.” 

This question almost breaks the fourth wall in a way many don’t see music, where does one go when they are done with an artist? You still hear their music and their name, but you can’t just wipe the memory and get rid of it all. And that is why this futuristic album is called “Utopia”. 

Overall, I love not only the concept of this album, but the music and lyrics as a whole. Not only is this the album of the summer (not counting Taylor Swift’s re-releases), this is the album of the year. I’d give this album 5/5 stars.

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