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Although Millard West lost, they still have been putting in work for tonights game. They have watched film and corrected some errors from last week in preparation for today. “This is the final game of the season, and I know the players want to send the seniors out on a win,” coach Seth White said. “They will need to match their execution with the great effort they will bring to the game this week.”

Wildcats lose a close game

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter
October 22, 2021
Due to COVID the student section had been gone for some time. In its return they’ve made national headlines, being featured on many verified sports accounts like ESPN, Overtime, the Checkdown and USA Football. “It is nothing but school spirit in the student section,” senior Brooke Sliva said. “Sometimes it gets a little crazy, you bump into the person next to you and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 by the end of the game your voice is completely gone.”

Back and better than ever

Miguel Paredes Reyes, Co-Broadcast Editor-in-Chief, Co-STRIV Executive Producer
October 12, 2021
Junior Alanna Bankston scores a kill to add to the Wildcats lead. Bankston scored seven kills on the night to add to her season total of 202 kills. “Our motivation going into the game was we wanted to get it over in three,” Bankston said. “We haven’t swept many teams lately, we wanted to control the game from the start. That’s what really kept us in the game and made sure we played our best game.”

Sweep on senior night

Miguel Paredes Reyes, Co-Broadcast Editor-in-Chief, Co-STRIV Executive Producer
October 12, 2021
The new mural at Buell Stadium was created by artist Waite White with the idea to convey the values of Millard. White worked with students, staff and faculty to create the artwork and took two years to complete the project, “When I work with a community of people to do a public project I talk to a lot of people, and there is never any understanding of who is going to say something that I need to hear or something that will affect what comes out in the end,” White said. “Its a lot of asking questions and listening hard for the answers, knowing that all of them are personal to the person who is speaking.”

Commemorating the youth

Kaden Roth, Catalyst Online Editor-in-Chief
October 1, 2021
Students were given the opportunity to head down to the Milford campus to do hands-on activities to help them get a better understanding of what they want to do with their future, some kids were given the opportunity to drive an excavator. The students who attended  this event got a better understanding of what they want to do with their future. “My day at Milford consisted of putting together a foundation mold, a scaffold, I also welded for a while, senior Leo Higgins said. “We had the opportunity to drive an excavator.”

Finding your path

Brooke Sliva , Social Media Manager
October 1, 2021
The Millard West boys varsity team warms up for one of the toughest courses this season. Even with the tough competition they competed very well and aren’t going to back down for the rest of the season. “Going into the race I knew I could get a good time as long as I worked the uphills,” senior Cole Haith said. “I have started to get more relaxed and more confident during the races.”

Running with a purpose

Christian Naujokaitis, Staff Reporter
September 29, 2021
Donating blood at the Millard West blood drive, sponsored by HOSA, senior Luke Hudek waits for a Red Cross nurse to find a usable vein. Red blood cell and platelet transfusions can not be manufactured and can only come from donations. “This was my first time donating blood,” Hudek said. “I decided to donate because I knew it was for a good cause. Donating blood is important because it can save lives and it doesn’t have any harm on the person donating.”

The RapidPass needs a rapid update

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
September 28, 2021
The Heart run continues their annual tradition of the kid’s dash across the field. Towards the end of the event the kids line up across Werner Park to begin their run across the field. The dash is something that we have always done at our events Burton said. Its a moment celebrated by the kids to show how far they have come through their CHD journey.

For the 1 in 100

Quinn Burton, Staff Reporter
September 27, 2021
Everyone should continue to do whatever they can to slow the spread of COVID-19, whether that be through masking, sanitizing, vaccinating or social distancing.

Do your part to slow the spread

Morgan Weir, Catalyst Editor-in-Chief
September 16, 2021
The Wildcats were able to maintain a close game before halftime. Their goal coming out of the locker rooms was to start fast and stop the patriots opportunities. “I thought we tried to make a few adjustments at half, but obviously it did not work,” assistant coach William Sadowski said. “Every week we try to get better. Every day we try to get better. That is the goal.”

Wildcats fall to the Patriots

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter
September 15, 2021
As STEM Academy students start off the year junior Grace Tsogbevi works to learn the basics of design. The academy utilizes many different software programs to give students a hands-on experience.  “We have been working with the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to start to learn the basics of design,” Tsogbevi said. “I am most excited to learn more about the program and be able to shape things and work off the program a little bit.”

New opportunities in STEM

Annabelle Harshbarger, Online Editor
September 10, 2021
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