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Survival of the fittest

Students hold the annual ‘’senior assassin’’ game
Delaney Lueck
Scouting out in the parking lot, senior Nate Buroker prepares to eliminate his target in a sneaky manner. Buroker found out when his target had class which made it a perfect time to make his move. ”One of my teachers were able to give me the schedule of my target which helped me know when they would arrive and leave,” Buroker said. ”The parking lot is an easy way to ruin somebodies day.”

On Tuesday, March 19, the senior class officially began the senior assassin game. The names of the targets were sent out to every competitor the night before, which would eventually lead to a chain reaction of assassinations, and finally a winner.

One hundred seniors would join a Life360 circle which requires them to have their location on at all times according to the rules. Senior assassin uses water guns to eliminate one another. Every single player has to abide by the rules such as never pausing your location, school activities being off limits, and having to record every kill for evidence. Many players have gone to the furthest extent to eliminate their target, and on the other hand, many have worn their goggles in extreme situations. Goggles can protect you from being assassinated, except for on purge days when goggles cannot save you. Everything was sailing smoothly thanks to game coordinator, senior Hannah Churchill.

‘’I thought it would be fun to organize the game without having to worry about actually playing,’’ Churchill said. ‘’I didn’t think anyone else was going to take charge either, so I thought I would volunteer for everyone.’’

Not soon after the start, the first conflict would arise between senior players Cameron Bizzarri and Cameron Schoening when Schoening was working out at night at Lifetime Fitness until Bizzarri arrived on the scene. In an attempt to be sneaky, Bizzarri left his phone at home so Schoening would believe that nobody was within his vicinity. As Schoening was walking back to his car Bizzarri was waiting there and squirted him with his water gun, but this resulted in a disqualification and cheating scandal.

‘’Senior assassin is supposed to be just for fun and people are out here pausing their locations and having to cheat to win,’’ Schoening said. ‘’It grinded my gears when he squirted me, but I’m glad it got justified. I also ended up getting my revenge a few days later which felt great.’’

To add on to the mayhem, there are also random ‘’purge days’’ announced throughout the remainder of the game. On a purge day, goggles cannot save players from being assassinated. Players still cannot be eliminated inside the school building, but the parking lot is free game to all.

‘’I was super paranoid and scared on the purge day,’’  senior Kaden Bachman said. ‘’My friends asked me to play poker, and I seriously considered staying home due to the risk of someone pulling up on me. I ended up surviving the first purge, but I will be on the offensive next time for sure.’’

There being 100 seniors means that there is a total of $500 in the pot for the winner. Although some people are in it for fun, this grand prize has altered the view of the game for some players.

‘’The $500 incentive is the sole reason I’m playing this game and trying so hard,’’ Bachman said. ‘’This money would take a big burden off my shoulders, and help me in the future.’’

Throughout the remainder of the year, these players will continue to constantly check the Life360, wear swim goggles, and spray one another with a water gun until the last man is standing.

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About the Contributors
Brady Mar
Brady Mar, Staff Reporter
Brady is a senior and this is his first year on staff for the CATalyst staff. He is involved with golf and Special Olympics here at Millard West. He enjoys playing sports, volunteering, and bonding with his friends. He also loves traveling to new places as well as trying new foods. Brady is excited to cover Millard West sports and learn more about the students here at Millard West.
Delaney Lueck
Delaney Lueck, Features Editor
Delaney is a senior and this is her first year on the CATalyst staff, but third year with journalism. In Yearbook, she has had a past role of Copy-Editor. Outside of journalism, Delaney enjoys taking pictures, spending time with friends, traveling, being with family, and being a part of the track team.

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