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Astounding artistry

AP drawing puts on the first AP art show
“I’ve participated in art shows like earlier this year when I was in painting,” said Meyer. “I also believe that last year I participated in some art shows as well.”

Art is a tool, a tool that inspires others and that persuades others. An art show is a collection of varying topics like mental health or equality. Art can be an educator not simply an arrangement of colors and shapes.

On Wednesday, May 1, was the first AP Art show which took place from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The AP art students could show off their art which they have been working on for the whole year. In terms of art shows, they have been around since the school’s opening in 1995. Since then there have been over 100 art shows and this year is the first ever to have an art show dedicated to AP art. 

“A common theme that people would choose would be mental health whether they have been going through it or they just want to bring it to light,” art teacher Jennifer Hoss-Miller said. “Other things would be using metaphors in their art, using things from nature to represent other things in life.”

We interviewed one of the students who participated in the showcase. They investigated the theme of nature and the beauty of nature.

“I was overall invested in nature and investigated the different aspects of nature like the textures and colors,” senior Scarlet Meyer said. “For example one of my artworks I did the veins of a leaf or showed the different textures.” 

Along with investigating a particular theme, students were able to use any kind of style they wanted. Whether it be charcoal drawing or watercoloring nothing was off the table.

“I did a lot of different styles like acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils, etc, Meyer said.” I wasn’t inspired by any famous artists. I just did what I wanted to and came out with a good result.”

Students were able to submit as many pieces of art as they wanted. This would show how much work was put in over the course of the school year.

“For this art show specifically, we got to submit as many as we wanted like some people submitted 10 or 5 pieces of art,” junior Rush Kimmer said.” We could submit so many because it was just AP drawing.” 

Artistry can be hard, except having passion can make anything seem possible.  

“I said to choose something that you feel passionate about because passion comes from the heart and showing your heart in an artwork makes it special to you, Miller said. “I always encourage researching other artists who work in similar subject matter. Just to give them some more resources to better portray what they’re trying to say.” 

Next year’s art show will be full of new takes on art shown off this year or there could be new themes that people investigate. Remember that two art shows take place per year so make sure to check out the art before you miss it.

Rush Kimmer
Scarlet Meyer
Scarlet Meyer
“I had a total of about 15 submitted that’s including processed and unprocessed paintings, Meyer said.” (Scarlet Meyer)
Rush Kimmer
“With a majority of my artworks I was just exploring my internalized feelings about myself, Kimmer said.” (Rush Kimmer)
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