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The Catalyst

Junior Ahnysia Jackson is photographed by Kody Horrocks while dancing on stage during the Lewis Central show choir competition. “Kody has always been a passionate person for arts, music, and people in general,” Jackson said. “As soon as she started photography she began to capture not only things she was passionate about but what everyone else loved too.”

An eye for photography

March 19, 2020

Painting projects

March 12, 2020

Working on her current project in her current class, sophomore Abby Gilreath is learning to use a variety of materials. Students in the program are encouraged to try art forms that aren’t offered everywhere else. “She is very driven and has a big desire to be successful, she doesn't want to fail, that motivates her to put in the extra work, especially when it comes to art,” art teacher Jennifer Hoss-Miller said.

Guided into new arts

February 12, 2020

Drawing portraits

December 19, 2019

Sophomore Gaby Massey sketches away in her notebook working on her next piece in her lengthy career as an artist. Massey has been an artist for the majority of her life starting out at a young age. “When I first started out I drew more cartoonish drawings because I was little and those were all I watched,” Massey said. “Then as I got older, my drawings got more realistic.”

Line by line

December 5, 2019

This photo represents a critical point in the movie

The not so gold Goldfinch

October 11, 2019

Sitting in Advanced Studio Art, senior Emily Asplin is working on a side project of a character from the show Stranger Things. Students in Advanced Studio art are allowed to focus on other projects outside of the assigned work.“Watching shows really inspired me to draw the characters and help develop my style,” Asplin said. “I really like to focus my drawing on people, I am fascinated with the cartoony realistic style and that’s what I have developed my style into.”

Drawing Her Own Path

September 4, 2019

Standing among the audience, sophomore Edison Geiler grabs his scene partners arm. Geiler played a character named Will Willard, a flamboyant young man. “I was really just in the moment,” Geiler said. “I saw the sparkle in my partner’s eyes and I knew the scene was going to be great.”

A day at the museum

May 16, 2019

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