A deeper dive into art

Videos for social media created to help share art history and artist’s legacies


Photo courtesy of Sarah Godfrey

“I got to create a video that used time lapse while talking about my artist,” junior Addison Kramer said. “I recreated one of Pieter Bruegel’s artworks called ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels'”

Leah Pickhinke, Staff Reporter

After wrapping up the Renaissance unit in Art History class, the start of December introduced a new project to students that helps educate and inform people over social media about the history of art and the artists of the famous pieces hung up on the walls of museums around the world. 

To create a final project that sums up what the students learned over the course of the unit, a new project was introduced to students to create an informative video on social media platforms TikTok or YouTube.

“This is a project that is completely new to the students and I within the Art History class, art teacher Sarah Godfrey said. “I ask the kids to add unusual or interesting facts about the artist that don’t just contain information you can find anywhere.”

The deep dive project consists of different themes from the students to pick from like the drama behind the artwork and how modern day critics would rate it, learned information about where the artist was born and their legacy, an explanation of three different art pieces by the artist, or a detailed exposition about the symbolism and a rating you would give.

My partner and I made a seven minute video about the life story of Michelangelo,”  junior Giuliana Gagliolo said. “We talked about his early life, his apprenticeships, and his famous artwork. What was cool is that I got to interview my grandma, who is from Italy, about the artwork that she has seen of his.”

After collecting useful information and organizing how the students wanted their projects to look, they got to run through the process of creating a video which includes all of the editing, filming and doing voice overs over images from their chosen artist.

“For my project I showed a timelapse of me recreating one of Pieter Bruegel’s artworks while I shared facts about him,” junior Addison Kramer said. “I thought this project was really interesting to share more about different art periods throughout history and learn more about important artists that influenced and changed art to this day.”

The new project seemed to be a success for art history class and a great way to spread information about influential artists from the Renaissance era.