Show off the hard work

Students present their work to the public

Trey Jochims, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, Dec, 14, the art department hosted an art show to display all of the artwork students have created during the semster

The art show started back in 1995 when the school opened. There are four art shows every year and there is one every term. Every student that is enrolled in an art class will have a chance to have their own artwork presented in the art show during the last full week of the term. The artwork will contain the student’s name, grade, and the title of the art work. This is a way to let the viewers know more about the art pieces. The art show also provides food to all the people who show up and admire all of the art the students made.

“The artworks that are present within the show range in theme due to the number of classes that we currently are offering,” art teacher Sarah Godfrey said. “Currently the courses that students have enrolled in include; Art Foundations, Drawing, Painting, Pottery and Sculpture, Advanced Pottery and and Advanced Studio Art. Within the show, there will be a variety of 2D (drawings /paintings /collages) and 3D (sculptures) works for people to view. During the art show on Wednesday night, we will have even more artwork within the classrooms as well.”

Art is a great way for students to express their thoughts through colors, drawings, shapes etc. Having these art shows allow students to put their art on display and let everyone see their skills.

“The art show is a great opportunity for students to share their creative works.” sophomore Skylar Johnson said. “I really love being able to admire my peer’s artwork and It’s a great opportunity to get inspiration for my future projects. Early on in my life, I knew I enjoyed crafty stuff. I learned how to crochet when I was young and I still practice that today. I’ve always been fascinated by different forms of art and expression. I discovered that art was something I enjoyed making through school art courses. Taking art classes has introduced me to different art forms, allowed me to practice my abilities, and learn about art as a concept.”

Some students don’t have favorite art styles because they all just enjoy creating pieces of art. Sophomore Caitlyn Semple took drawing and loves to create drawings and loves having people look at the hard work that she puts into her art project/drawings.

“One of my pieces will be shown at the art show. I worked on it every day in class for a little more than a week,” Semple said. “I think the art show is really cool. It gives people chances to show the work that they have put so much effort into during class. I’ve always loved drawing since I was a kid. I think that being able to dive deeper and learn more about art at school has made me enjoy it more.”

Not only does the art show provide students with a sense of accomplishment for the work they put into their pieces, it also gives students memories to serve them for years to come.