Showing off their skills

Art students display the pieces they have been working on during the first term


Photo by Paige Hightower

Art students walk around the art gallery showcasing their work to their friends and family.

Paige Hightower, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday Oct. 4, students enrolled in art classes got the opportunity to showcase their works and display them for others. 

The event was held in the art gallery, and many proud family members came to see their students’ work. Since the school opened in 1995, every student taking an art class had the chance to submit one of their pieces to the display. Projects took anywhere from two to three days to five to seven days to complete. Some notable projects on display were a few of the 3D dorm room projects from the STEM Academy. Because there are so many different classes, there is a wide variety of pieces to look at.

The artworks are made by following the curriculum in each class,” art teacher Nicholas Pella said. “So during each project, the students are trying to be successful in a variety of learning goals, discovering new materials, making original art, learning craftsmanship skills, etc.”

All of the art teachers are very proud of the work their students did this first semester, and find it fitting that they have the ability to display it to the public.

“I think it’s just really nice,” art teacher Jennifer Hoss-Miller said. “When the students are proud of what they’ve done, and see their growth from the beginning of the semester to the end, it’s nice for them to come in and want to show it off to family members and friends and be proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

The students are also very appreciative of the art exhibition. Sophomore Nicholas Halsey not only displays his work, he likes taking inspiration from the other students’ pieces too.

“The art showcase means a lot to me because it gives me the opportunity to express my own ideas and interests to others in a very meaningful way,” Halsey said. “The art showcase not only puts my art out for others to see, but also allows me to see what other students are making. It gives me inspiration for new art, and also acts as a way for me to improve my own skills.”

Although students are required to submit one piece of work, Halsey submitted two pieces from his drawing class with Hoss-Miller. He and many other students chose to display pieces with an important message and found them worthy of sharing with others. 

These end-of-semester art showcases are a great way for students to show off their hard work. They are a great way to get students interested in the art classes here and learn something new.