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Kaitlin Reynolds

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director

Katie is a senior and this is her first full year on the CATalyst staff. She enjoys writing stories, but more importantly, she loves having the opportunity to meet new people. Her interest in finding unique stories and sharing them with others is what drew her to Journalism. Outside of Journalism, Katie is the Prowler Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Student Council President and Millard West School Board Representative. She is also involved in Senior Class Board and National Honor Society.

All content by Kaitlin Reynolds
Throughout the month of May, a display covering Asain Pacific Islander Americans, Arab Americans and Pride was hung in front of the library. Justice and Diversity League combined their displays for the months of April, May and June due to a lack of time, in order to ensure that students could learn about the groups. “Justice and Diversity League has been doing these displays for about 10 years,” Justice and Diversity League sponsor Bryant Bull said. “We started doing a diversity in education display as a general awareness project about 10 years ago and weve branched out to individual displays by month over the last six years.”

A triad of tradition

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
May 25, 2022
Students need to be involved in extracurriculars to reach success now and in the future.

Involvement is essential

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
May 12, 2022
Crumbl cookies had the flavors of Milk Chocolate Chip, Confetti Cake, Original featuring Peanut Butter M&Ms Candies, Brownie Batter, Passion Fruit and Classic Oatmeal from April 25-29.

How the cookie Crumbls

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
May 3, 2022
The new sitcom series, Abbott Elementary, provides comical entertainment while bringing attention to serious issues in education.

All for Abbott

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
April 29, 2022
The new Netflix Original  film The Adam Project premiered on March 11.

A time traveling tale

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
March 18, 2022
On the set of the Hulu Original series, “Endlings” freshman Cale Ferrin plays the role of Finn alongside his co-actress Michela Luci. Ferrin spent 10 months in Guelph, Ontario filming the show that premiered in January of 2020. “I have a good understanding of how sets and crews work and how much goes into the production of a show,” Ferrin said. “It’s fascinating to me and I hope to eventually learn to write and produce my own work.”

Casting Cale

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
March 15, 2022
Throughout the month of February, Millard West, alongside the rest of the country, celebrates Black History Month. The Justice and Diversity League put up a display in front of the library on Feb. 1 that includes a timeline of Black historical figures, graphics, informational posters and interactive book QR codes for students to learn from. “Mostly its informational and designed for anyone to stop by anytime and take a look,” social studies teacher and Justice and Diversity Leauge sponsor Bryant Bull said. “So its not necessary for a person to read everything we included in one sitting. We hope people will stop by multiple times this month.”

Sharing a Black background

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
February 15, 2022
New Voices laws are in effect in 15/50 states, but they are a necessity in all states in order to protect student journalists and their advisers.

A pressing need for legislation

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
February 7, 2022
Freshman Madalynn Johnson sings “Oldest Orphan in the John Grier Home” from the musical “Daddy Long Legs” during the mainstage showcase of the State Thespian Festival. Before the event Johnson qualified for a callback and then took part in four rounds of auditions throughout the festival that landed her one of seven spots. “It was a decently long process,” Johnson said. “I went through the call back process and then at the teacher award ceremony it was announced that I would be performing in the final showcase.”

Taking a statewide stage

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
January 18, 2022
Using a magnifying tool senior Riley Kramolisch looks at the hidden coding on the side of a proof. As a member of the Prowler Yearbook staff she had the opportunity to travel to Marceline, Missouri to tour the Walworth printing facilities. “The tour was such a great experience to learn more about where our yearbook is printed,” Kramolisch said. “Looking at all of the little details that go into printing other papers and prints was really impressive.”

Planting their feet in Marceline

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
December 21, 2021
After presenting tie blankets for Project Linus to Senior Class Board as a service activity, senior Alaina Anderson cuts fabric for her peers to make into a comforting gift for a child in need. Anderson has donated her time to the charity since the age of 7 and frequently introduces others to the volunteer opportunity. “Partnering with Project Linus allowed us the opportunity to make more blankets that I could on my own,” Anderson said. “I like to get more people involved so that they can have an impact on their community too.”

Stitching together connections

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
December 17, 2021
Students need more culturally diverse books in schools in order to represent all students and foster a more accepting future.

Books are breeding bias

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
December 2, 2021

An ensemble for the ensemble

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
October 21, 2021
Donating blood at the Millard West blood drive, sponsored by HOSA, senior Luke Hudek waits for a Red Cross nurse to find a usable vein. Red blood cell and platelet transfusions can not be manufactured and can only come from donations. “This was my first time donating blood,” Hudek said. “I decided to donate because I knew it was for a good cause. Donating blood is important because it can save lives and it doesn’t have any harm on the person donating.”

The RapidPass needs a rapid update

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
September 28, 2021
The cast of the fall play, Southern Hospitality, meets with an accent coach over Zoom to perfect their southern accents for the show and create cohesiveness between one another. Each actor was able to test out ways to manipulate their voice and practiced a variety of different sounds. “We learned how we can change our voices by something as simple as the move of a tongue,” junior Kaden Frazier said. “Having everyone talk with the same accent really made the show pop out and made the town of Fayro feel like a real community.”

Acting with accents

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
September 16, 2021
Jungle Cruise made its way to the theaters on July 30, 2021.

Cruising into new content

Kaitlin Reynolds, News Director
September 3, 2021
Driving past junior Grace Bedell’s house, junior Phoebe Rackliffe waves a sign from the car to celebrate her friends birthday. Rackliffe along with others formed a parade past Bedell’s driveway in order to social distance while still making the day special. “It was a fun way to celebrate with Grace while still social distancing,” Rackliffe said. “Grace was excited to see us and she seemed happy that we all decided to do the parade for her.”

Parading through a pandemic

Kaitlin Reynolds, Staff Reporter
May 11, 2020
Freshman Erica Napierala hangs her birdhouse creation in a local park. After painting all day Napierala headed to the park to put up her hand-painted homes for feathered friends to perch on. “Some of the houses have patterns and others have themes,” Napierala said. “We are hoping that our colorful birdhouses can make people’s walks more enjoyable.”

Chirping away at the time

Kaitlin Reynolds, Staff Reporter
April 16, 2020
During quarantine junior Emma Cavalier collects litter around her neighborhood. Cavalier picked up garbage on trails nearby to brighten pedestrians days. “I think it was helpful during quarantine to inspire others that you can still be involved with your community during these pressing times,” Cavalier said. “It was awesome to see all the trash we had collected, and how much cleaner the environment looked.”

Positivity in a pandemic

Kaitlin Reynolds, Staff Reporter
April 5, 2020
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