An eye for photography

Student captures life through a lens


photo courtesy of Kody Horrocks

Junior Ahnysia Jackson is photographed by Kody Horrocks while dancing on stage during the Lewis Central show choir competition. “Kody has always been a passionate person for arts, music, and people in general,” Jackson said. “As soon as she started photography she began to capture not only things she was passionate about but what everyone else loved too.”

Anna Blumenthal, Staff Reporter

Photography has been around since the 1800s, capturing moments in time through recording light. From cameras on iPhones to professional equipment, people have found joy through this form of art. Whether it’s modeling for photos, looking at them in an exhibit or taking them, there is always a way to get involved in photography.

For junior Kody Horrocks, capturing photos has become way more than a hobby. Her love for photography has become a passion for her. What started out as taking photos of small things around her such as pets and scenery has turned into a full-time task of photographing for events and friends. With lots of time and practice, she has grown from simply learning how to use a camera to developing her own style and technique for when she takes her candid shots.

“I have known a lot of people that owned cameras and always saw their work and wanted to do it myself,” Horrocks said. “I always found an immense amount of beauty in pictures and wanted to emulate that myself. I learned from friends that also do photography, but I mostly taught myself.”

People around her have gotten to watch Horrocks grow as both an artist and a person. Developing her work has opened up her mind and freed her artistic expression.

“Her ability to make her pictures more artistic has grown a lot since she started,” junior Josie Maw said. “She can focus on one piece of the picture and bring out a specific detail that makes the whole thing more beautiful. I think Kody sees the beauty in little things. She appreciates the world around her which I think comes from photography.”

By photographing her friends in an array of places, she learned how to capture people in a natural environment and edit the pictures to perfection. This led her to photographing two of the show choir groups at their various competitions.

“Taking pictures at show choir events has helped me grow because of all the movement,” Horrocks said. “It helped me learn to keep my camera steady and not move too fast. My favorite part of taking pictures for the show choir groups is being able to capture special moments on stage as well as seeing how happy other people are when they see my pictures.”

Members in the groups can look back on happy memories and the excitement of the competitions through her photos. Having someone around to capture these quick moments in life is a great way for people to get to remember their time on stage.

“My favorite thing about having Kody take our show choir photos is the feeling of reliving those moments,” junior Ahnysia Jackson said. “I think Kody doing photography has helped give her a better understanding of how to capture the beauty in life.”

Not only has Horrocks gained a deeper appreciation for the little things around her, but she has also helped those around her see it too. Her passion for photography will continue to inspire her throughout her life and be a way to express her ideas. Overall, her growth in the art form has been beneficial to her growth as a person.