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Dana Summers

Dana Summers, News Director

Dana is a senior at Millard West and is returning for her second year on the CATalyst and MWHS News staff. Her favorite aspect of journalism is being able to tell other students’ stories through making both news and feature broadcasts. She is a proud State Journalism champion, and hopes to continue winning awards and contests this year on staff. Outside of journalism, Dana plays tennis for the school and enjoys traveling with her friends and family.

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Dana Summers and
March 25, 2021
Disney Pixar’s “Soul” takes the audience 
on a journey through the place where souls
pass going into and out of life. ****/5

Good for the Soul

Dana Summers, News Director
January 14, 2021
Senior Paige Stobbe adds to her current creation with another row of chunky yarn. She has been hand-knitting these trendy blankets to sell during the holidays. “There has been quite a shortage in yarn lately,” Stobbe said. “That is one challenge that I have run into, but I hope to keep it going.”

Warm for the holidays

Dana Summers, News Director
December 7, 2020
Senior Olivia Peterson poses in a sweatshirt that she designed and made herself. This picture also appears on her Instagram account, where she advertises her custom designs to others. “Nebraska related shirts are probably my most popular request,” Peterson said. “I think those shirts have been successful just because they are much cheaper than what you would find in a Husker store, but they are still high quality. I can print just about anything as long as its not a school affiliated logo that has copyright.”

Custom made

Dana Summers, News Director
November 5, 2020
Sophomore Anna Reilly stands with the prize that she won at Drama Club’s trivia night. Each member of the winning team was awarded with what the drama officers had previously picked out. “It was the best prize in my opinion and it’s hanging up on my wall now,” Reilly said. “The prizes were really random and funny, which shows the atmosphere of the Drama Club really well. Everyone in it is so nice and welcoming, and you can guarantee at least one laugh throughout the night.”

A night of fun and new faces

Dana Summers, News Director
October 9, 2020
The varsity volleyball team holds up a banner for senior Bridget Smith. During the first game of the Millard North invite, Smith reached the milestone of 1,000 assists throughout her time as a Wildcat. “All achievements should be recognized,” head coach Joe Wessel said. “We love giving our athletes their time to shine. We post many blurbs, photos and videos on our Twitter and Facebook pages because our student-athletes put in the work and we want them to be recognized.”

Playing her part

Dana Summers, News Director
October 6, 2020
With a paintbrush in hand and her craft cart at the ready, senior Elise Nyffeler works on one of her custom banners. After a customer places an order, she tries to get the banner done within one week. “I usually work on four or five banners at a time,” Nyffeler said. “I always cut a batch of mini, regular and large banners before I start. I will paint the background of one, and then work on the next one while that one dries.”

Talent turned to business

Dana Summers, News Director
September 18, 2020
On May 5, demolition began in the newly emptied library, the construction company is working towards finishing everything up by late July.

Changes to come

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
May 9, 2020
Principal Dr. Greg Tiemann shared a photo on Twitter showing what he and many others were doing at the school on April 21. While wearing masks and practicing safe social distancing, staff members and other volunteers helped to hand out yard signs and Post Prom gift bags to the graduating seniors.

Missing a milestone

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
April 28, 2020
Junior Mateo Miceli pounds his fist into the water and shouts with excitement after swimming a time of 2:02.58, which earned him a spot in the 2020 US Olympic Swim Trials. Little did he know, the Trials would later be moved to a new date in 2021. “When I first found out about the postponement I was pretty bummed,” Miceli said. “For now, I can only work on the things that are in my control, like staying in shape for the Trials next year.”

A dream put on hold

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
April 14, 2020
Second-grader Everett Nyffeler helps hold up a sign and waves to the line of cars passing by. The staff of Wheeler Elementary hosted this drive-by parade to let kids know that teachers are still thinking about them. “I made a ‘Honk for my 8th birthday’ sign,” Nyffeler said. I also had a poster that my brother and sister held that said ‘Hello Wheeler Teachers.’”

[Photo] No classroom, no problem

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
April 2, 2020
Heading for the elevator, junior Miles McDonald leaves class just in time to beat the traffic of the crowded school hallways. Usually accompanied by a friend, McDonald has adjusted quickly to his new means of transportation at school. “Although Miles is totally capable of independent movement, the risks associated with his condition has confined him to a wheelchair,” junior Luke Skrabal said. “Besides the obvious restrictions that come with being in a wheelchair, Miles has also been unable to drive and he travels with an escort wherever he goes in the school.”

Fighting the unknown

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
March 11, 2020
Senior Nolan Hoff throws a strike at his latest bowling tournament. This was the third strike in a row bowled by Hoff. “Nolan bowls on patterns that professionals bowl on,” coach Jimmy Chavez said. “Those patterns are incredibly difficult because they have small margin for error, so you have to be more precise and know how to play your angles. This has significantly improved his technique.”

A striking talent

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
March 5, 2020
Junior Eric Wu kicks through a board at his latest Tae Kwon Do practice. Board breaking is a common practice in the martial arts, and is used to test students for higher belts. “Tae Kwon Do has a lot to do with technique,” Wu said. “A smart student never stops practicing the basics.”

Just for kicks

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
January 31, 2020
Senior Hunter Amos (right) lines up a shot as his character Henry Bingham prepares to hit a golf ball blindfolded off of another characters mouth. “This character was challenging to play because I had to be on stage for much of the show, which meant I had to completely know my lines and keep character nearly every second, Amos said. I wanted my character to play the core role that it was written to be. At the end of the rehearsal process, I really had to focus on being more of an anchor for the rest of the cast to play off of.”

A Foxy Farce

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
December 16, 2019
A pamphlet given to Millard West by United Way describes what the money that we raised has gone towards.

Competition for a good cause

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
November 4, 2019
Millard West’s first football coach Dan McLaughlin shakes the hands of many as he receives his Hall of Fame plaque. He was a part of a special ceremony held at halftime of this year’s first football game. “I don’t know if people really understand how special this place is,” McLaughlin said. “When we first played here in 1995, we went 0-9, didn’t win a single game, and none of them were even close. Look where it is now. The crowd, the atmosphere, the new scoreboard and field; it’s a great place.”

Not your average coach

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
October 14, 2019
Junior Dustin Hatch repairs a broken fence with the help of his teammates. He was a part of  the many Millard West varsity football players who helped with flood relief in Valley, Neb. “The overall experience was very eye opening,” Hatch said. “It made me aware of the amount of damage that had been caused by the flooding. I am glad that I was able to serve a family in need.”

Teamwork at its finest

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
October 2, 2019
Junior Delaney Richardson is up at bat for the Millard West Varsity Softball team. This was her first game playing after being cleared from her most recent injury. I was terrified and excited at the same time, Richardson said. There was always the worry in the back of my head that I would get injured again.

No Pain, No Gain

Dana Summers, Staff Reporter
September 3, 2019
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