A night of fun and new faces

Drama officers host a trivia night


Photo by Bella Reilly

Sophomore Anna Reilly stands with the prize that she won at Drama Club’s trivia night. Each member of the winning team was awarded with what the drama officers had previously picked out. “It was the best prize in my opinion and it’s hanging up on my wall now,” Reilly said. “The prizes were really random and funny, which shows the atmosphere of the Drama Club really well. Everyone in it is so nice and welcoming, and you can guarantee at least one laugh throughout the night.”

Dana Summers, News Director

On Wednesday, October 7, the Drama Club gathered in the auditorium for their first-ever trivia night.

The drama officers organized this event as a bonding activity to follow directly after the underclassmen cabaret. Students who were not involved in theater were invited to attend as well.

“We wanted to do a fun event because we haven’t had very many opportunities this year to get to know everyone,” Drama Club President Anna Blumenthal said. “Not being able to do very many activities has also made it really hard to recruit underclassmen to join Drama Club. I came up with the idea of making it a ‘bring a buddy’ night so that more people could see what Drama Club is all about.”

Trivia night kicked off with the random formation of groups, each led by a Drama officer who kept track of their team’s points.

“Trivia night helped bond people because you got to meet new people and make memories with people you already knew,” sophomore Anna Reilly said. “My team was made up of people of various grades. It was nice talking to people outside of my normal friend group.”

Questions were read aloud and displayed on the big screen through a Google Slides presentation. The officers came up with a variety of theater related questions beforehand and were therefore not allowed to assist their team with answers.

“We thought that it was appropriate to make the questions related to drama in some way,” Blumenthal said. “There was a blend of broadway questions, Millard West related questions and then just some basic theater knowledge questions. We made sure that there was enough variety that even those not involved in drama would be able to participate.”

When all of the questions were through, the team led by State Rep Nathan Bigler was declared the winner with 65 points. Each member from the team was given a prize on stage, which the officers had chosen ahead of time.

“I think the drama officers did awesome,” Theater Director Brooke Phillips said. “I was proud that they came up with the idea, promoted it, bought prizes and totally pulled it off. It was a success for sure.”

Although they have not been able to do as many activities this year, those involved in Drama Club have not forgotten the connection that these students have with each other.

“It’s important to get students involved, because especially during these pandemic times, everyone is so isolated,” Phillips said. “But theater transcends just the stage. People who work on and love theater have a very special bond and we can celebrate that even during a pandemic.”

As of now, COVID-19 restrictions prevent the Drama Club from returning completely to normal. However, they are looking to plan more fun activities as the cases go down.