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Garrett Wilcoxen

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter

Garrett is a senior and this is his third year on the Millard West Journalism staff. He enjoys writing sports stories and covering events happening around the school. His favorite things to do outside of school are playing basketball, golfing and spending time with his friends and family.

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The game was long fought and the pace was changed many times throughout. Although Millard West took a loss, they don’t look back and keep their heads up for next week. “I like to think our team takes on the personality of our head coach, assistant coach William Sadowski said. “I dont think we ever feel out of a game. We dont hang our heads, and we keep grinding away.”

Wildcats come up short

September 30, 2021
Millard West fought hard to keep their lead throughout the match. Although this got more tough as the game went on, they still managed to smoke Omaha Northwest in the third set. “Into the last set of the game my mentality was just not to make any mistakes and play as a team,” sophomore Lauren Jones said. “I think that our biggest challenge moving forward will be playing more of the highly competitive teams. We haven’t had too much competition starting this season off, but I know once we start playing competitive teams we will have to dial in and play our game and not make silly mistakes.”

Wildcats are victorious

September 10, 2021
“As a coach you are doing the best to prepare your team but specific schemes you may be wrong on,” coach William Sadowksi said. “We typically break down our opponents last few games, but as the season starts we are guessing what we are expecting to see.”

Wildcats battle the Storm

September 2, 2021
High school baseball could be a whole new experience for players and teams without the mercy rule. It would allow schools to attain more records, and give teams down by a big deficit the chance to make a comeback.

No mercy

April 15, 2021
Early in the game, the Spartans took the lead and gave the Wildcats a complication. This made Millard West adjust their gameplay to stop Lincoln East’s shots. “Their best player started out scoring the first seven points,” coach William Morrison said. “Most games start off close in the first quarter, so we weren’t worried. We made an adjustment to how we guarded him, and it seemed to work.”

The streak continues

February 5, 2021
The Wildcats have had a difficult season so far but have grown as a team overall and believe they will finish out strong. They hope to gain more experience through their games and work to improve themselves throughout the remainder of the season. “We expect some wins in future games, but it is more important for us to develop as a team,” Kriha said. “If we communicate better and give 110 percent every time we step on the ice, we will start to see improvement.”

The Wildcats take a hit

December 17, 2020
The Cornhuskers have been preparing since last weeks game against Illinois and have changed their lineup to adjust to Iowa’s difference makers. Frost was looking forward to the game against Iowa, and even though they didn’t have the outcome they wanted, he believes they can improve. “The team had a solid chance of winning this weeks game against Iowa but we made some mistakes,” Frost said in a postgame interview. “It was great to see us come out fast this week, and although we lost, our defense played their hearts out and gave it their all.”

The rivalry continues

December 1, 2020
Glover Teixiera and Thiago Santos stare each other down after the weigh in. They both had confidence that they would take it all on fight night.”I keep an open mind and love to keep learning from every new fighter I take on,” Teixiera said. “I wouldn’t be here without my coaches and everyone who has got me to this point, along with the work we put in.”

Fight Night Las Vegas

November 11, 2020
The varsity boys attempt to run as a pack so they can motivate each other throughout the race. They did this successfully in the beginning, but near the end they split up more. “Our team got many personal records, and for those who didn’t get one, they got really close to doing so,” Marshall said. “I tried to stay with the same people the whole time, and even though I split up a bit in the middle, I mainly finished with who I started.”

Wildcats race for state

November 5, 2020

Cupcake cart

October 2, 2020
Millard West stayed close with the Patriots up until halftime. Meyersick had the catch that gave the Wildcats motivation to play their best throughout the rest of the game. “It was an eye opening game and we have identified things we can improve on,” Meyersick said. “The defense did well with the return of some of our injured players, and the offense got some more juices flowing.”

South takes Q Street

September 24, 2020
During the pandemic, students are being restricted from attending different sports events. The administration is allowing limited people into some of the games, and other sports will have no attendees.

Sports distancing

September 4, 2020
Junior Joseph Ebmeier opens the synergy app in his advanced Journalism class. He is looking to access his academic records to see his GPA. Synergy is a great app but quite the change from infinite campus. I like a lot of the new features and apps it has, and how its set up.

Synergy has taken over

August 31, 2020
Sarah Carron is writing down vocab words for Spanish class. She does her work to the best of her ability in all classes and strives to get good grades. “ We were copying down vocab words onto a note sheet to help us get used to using them,” Carron said. “Then we used the new vocab to help us fill out a crossword puzzle.

A long lasting honor

October 3, 2019
Tristan Gomes takes a huge swing furthering West to State. This game was against Creighton Prep and at Haymarket park in Lincoln. “I remember we were really excited to beat prep and go to the state championship,” Gomes said. “It had been what we were working for our whole season, and to achieve that felt amazing.”

Remember the Titans

September 25, 2019

Wing Stop Review

September 6, 2019
This is a picture of elementary schoolers planting a garden with the help of Hailey Reavis. They started planting in a field near the Henry Doorly Zoo. “We took an empty field and turned it into a garden and  home for insects,” Reavis said. “While doing that we also taught some younger kids about the importance of the environment and planting seeds.”

A trip to the zoo

September 4, 2019

Flying High

August 26, 2019
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