Remember the Titans

Senior infielder commits to D1 school


Tenley Wright

Tristan Gomes takes a huge swing furthering West to State. This game was against Creighton Prep and at Haymarket park in Lincoln. “I remember we were really excited to beat prep and go to the state championship,” Gomes said. “It had been what we were working for our whole season, and to achieve that felt amazing.”

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter

Walking onto California State Fullerton’s baseball field for the first time, seeing the lit up scoreboard, the orange seats and freshly cut grass, senior Tristan Gomes knew his months of college visits were over. He had found the place he wanted to spend the next four years. He was to become a Titan. 

Throughout his four years of high school, Gomes played three sports: baseball, football and basketball. In his sophomore year he started playing infield for Millard West Varsity Baseball, and power forward for varsity basketball. While playing baseball for Millard West he had a batting average of .321 with 19 RBI’s. He received six basketball player of the game awards throughout his junior year of high school as well. In his junior and senior year he played quarterback for varsity football.

“I started playing baseball when I was five, whether that would be with my friends or for a team it has impacted me greatly today,” Gomes said. “Playing baseball has been one of the best times of my life and I’m excited to move on and play college ball.

Gomes had many offers from schools across the country. He had been offered a position to play for Nebraska, where his older brother Colby already plays. He also had offers to play baseball for Oregon and football for Idaho. Gomes chose California State Fullerton because it was something different. 

One of the coaches at California State college reached out to him last fall and asked if he would be interested in coming out for a college visit. Gomes saw this as an opportunity to experience something new and accepted his offer. During the visit he saw all the athletic facilities on campus along with some of the classrooms he would be attending. He met some of the players and coaches there and said they made his visit something to remember.

“I visited many places in that college that motivated me to make my choice, including fields, locker rooms, weight rooms etc, but my overall favorite part would have to be the players and coaches,” Gomes said. “They were all so welcoming and truly excited to have me on there team.”

Growing up, Gomes’s family was all about baseball. He had played ever since he was 5 years old. He said his parents were the sole reason he had achieved his dream, they pushed him to be his best. His friends were supportive of his dream of playing baseball as well, they motivated him to be the person he is today.

I have seen Tristan grow over the years I’ve played with him,” Max Anderson said. “His freshmen year he broke his leg and that was a major setback, but after I saw him work even harder to get back to where he was.”

Gomes’s coaches also helped him be the multi sport athlete he is today. They inspired him to be the best version of himself and compete in many new ways he had not thought about before.

“Tristan has grown as a person through his high school years,” coach Steven Frey said. “He is a very athletic and smart person and has a knowledge for the game that has helped him improve his baseball career.”

Gomes’s last season of baseball for Millard West starts this spring. Despite already committing to California State Fullerton he will try his hardest to bring West to another state title.