Expanding concealed carries

Gun laws in Nebraska need a change

Concealed carriers have prevented many deaths throughout the nation. Giving them a bigger radius, would affect the populations safety greatly.

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Concealed carriers have prevented many deaths throughout the nation. Giving them a bigger radius, would affect the populations safety greatly.

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter

As of right now, Nebraska State Patrol is giving out permits for citizens to carry concealed guns. The process of this is lengthy and the advisors reviewing applications thoroughly look at the applicant and their history.

The process starts with someone either obtaining a driver’s license or completing a vision test and then completing a firearms training course. This is followed by submitting a notarized application, along with your address and proof of citizenship. Then, after a fingerprint, the advisors will just review your application, and it might not even be accepted. If they do get a permit, a thorough background check will be done, and the state of Nebraska will go in depth to see any potential threats.

This is a difficult and time consuming process just to receive rights to carry a concealed gun. Many people use guns for self defense, and according to the Washington Post, 98 percent of mass shootings happen in gun free areas. The concealed carry personnel should be able to carry their firearms in more places, to protect citizens, considering this statistic. Most mass shooters don’t care about concealed carry rights and will access their guns illegally without permits for the area. The Crime Prevention Center refers to these areas as soft targets, and states that just shy of two percent of mass shootings occur outside one. Due to this, if more background checked people were able to carry concealed guns in a higher variety of places, it could prevent many homicides.

Although many may say that giving out concealed carrier permits is a downside to society, look at the benefits. Literally anyone can obtain a gun, whether it’s legal, illegal, or the state restricts them. There are many black market sites and random citizens willing to sell guns, that don’t care about your history, and focus on the money. Giving out concealed carry rights wouldn’t be creating more harmful situations, it would give protection to those in risk of those instances. According to the Washington Post, concealed carriers have protected our society time and time again. They give examples on when carriers stepped in to stop gunmen, in the article Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings?

In a Center for Disease Control study, they say Americans use firearms in self defense between 500,000 and three million times a year. For example, on Nov. 21, in Benton Harbor, Michigan, two armed intruders broke into an apartment and ordered the tenants, including three children, to get on the ground. The landlord heard the noise from another room and before the men could hurt anyone, the landlord gunned one down and the other fled. 

Again, on Nov. 2, in Everett, Washington, a concealed carrier intervened to stop a mentally disabled man from throwing rocks and pipes at cars driving along the interstate. He used the gun to force the man on the ground and hold him till the authorities arrived. The man had damaged 12 cars and before he could continue, he got stopped and detained by the concealed carrier. These incidents, along with many others, are explained in detail in the article 11 More Examples of How Firearms Save Gun Owners Lives, Property on the Heritage Foundation website.

These instances both show how a concealed carrier stepped in with a firearm to help change a damaging, and potentially life-threatening situation. Along with many more examples, time and time again, concealed carriers save lives and prevent unwanted outcomes. This is why the state needs to allow carriers to carry their firearms in more places. For example, right now, holders can’t carry at fundraisers, rallies, and many more areas where big groups convene. If the state of Nebraska allowed carriers to carry at these destinations, it could prevent many undesired situations. As I stated before, little to zero mass shooters have a gun permit, and many use their guns in illegal areas, according to the Washington Post. Allowing trained, background checked citizens to carry would benefit the public’s safety.