Wildcats take down the Panthers

Millard West girls varsity basketball wins against Norfolk


photo by Tenley Wright

The Wildcats took down the Panthers 57-36. Darner took this three to increase the lead significantly against Norfolk.

Garrett Wilcoxen, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, December 14th, the Millard West Girls Varsity Basketball team took on the Norfolk girls varsity basketball team. The game was taken over by the Wildcats with an ending score of 57-36.

The Wildcats took the lead early in the first quarter with a 3-point basket made by senior Honnah Leo. Following that play, the Wildcats got a turnover and moved the ball quickly down the court for another two points. Throughout this quarter, the Wildcats had great defensive plays that resulted in multiple turnovers keeping the Panthers with little to no points. Along with that, the Wildcats also had great ball control with only one turnover in the first quarter. At the end of this quarter, the final score was 19-7 Wildcats lead.

The second quarter started off slow with no points scored in the first two minutes. Occurring just after the two minute mark, the Panthers dropped a long 3-point shot making the Wildcat lead 19-10. The following play the Wildcats answer back with a deep 3-point from Leo.

Midway through the second quarter the Wildcats started to slow down and lose control of the game, letting the Panthers come back 24-16. After this happened the Wildcats took a timeout and came back even stronger than ever, hitting a three almost seconds after the break. They were unstoppable in the last two minutes scoring eight points and letting up two. The ending score to this quarter was 35-18 Wildcats lead.

In the third quarter, it starts off with a quick foul by the Wildcats and two points on the board for the Panthers. After two more fouls occurring back to back from each team the Panthers got the ball and scored another two points. At this point in the game it was tough for the Wildcats to get any baskets, resulting in many bad shots and mis-timed passes. Midway through the third quarter, senior Kennedy Darner got a bucket and one, and gets the Wildcats 3-points. Near the end of the third quarter the Wildcats pulled away from the Panthers with many consecutive layups. The ending score of this quarter was 50-26.

Rounding off the game, the fourth quarter started by the Panthers getting a shooting foul and scoring two free throws. Then the Wildcats got the ball but turned it over two possessions in a row consequently giving the Panthers two more points. Around the middle of the fourth the game started to pick up speed, as the Panthers scored six more points and the Wildcats scored two, making the score 36-56 Wildcats on top. Throughout these last minutes the Wildcats and Panthers had great defensive plays, resulting in only one point scored for the Wildcats. The ending score of the game was 57-36 Wildcats.

The Wildcats will be at Papillion LaVista South at 5:30 p.m. on December 20th, and will be facing off against Gretna at home on December 21st. This season the Wildcats have a record of 2-2 so far. They showed an impressive defensive skill in this game and if they continue to keep it up they could be one of the better teams in the state.