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The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

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Jacob Hargens

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter

Jacob is a junior at Millard West and is in his second year on the staff. He enjoys writing stories about different people around the school as well as big topics that are happening all around the world. In his free time, he likes to compete with his friends, make short movies, and perform in plays.

All content by Jacob Hargens
The team that placed first in the Programming Competition, “teamScores[me] > teamScores[you]” composed of senior Thomas Cooper, senior Jillian Weland, and senior Noah Wilber. The eventual second place finisher did not have enough points to wager to hold their first place spot, as the final question acts like a Final Jeopardy.  “I think working in a team is best,” first place finisher and senior Jillian Weland said. “We are able to talk and bounce ideas off of each other which makes us more successful.”

Programmers dominate

December 19, 2022
“Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet” already sold over 10 million copies in the first three days of the game launching. This was not just the largest launch for a Pokémon game, not just the biggest launch for a Nintendo game, but the biggest launch for any console exclusive game ever.

The best in years

December 1, 2022
Members of the publicity crew hanging up a checkerboard in the auditorium lobby. It will be used as a backdrop for photos when “Clue” premiers Dec. 1-3. “This process has definitely been on the harder side due to the short amount of time we have to pull it off,” Publicity crew co-leader and junior Ali Gardener said. “There are only six weeks to pull off Clue so it has been a struggle trying to get everything ready and come up with ideas to sell as many tickets as fast as possible.”

Behind the scenes

November 22, 2022
Senior Jack Carrol getting ready to throw the bowling ball down the lane. “The athletes bowl in a bakers format,” ACP teacher and coach Bret Seipker said. “This allows all members to participate equally.”

Inclusivity and bowling

November 17, 2022
“Mat Kilau” could have been something great, but it wasn’t.

All for nothing

October 19, 2022
Many countries around the world have no restrictions on how big gatherings can be. China does not allow gatherings of more than 10 people, it may have something to do with their enormous population, being over 1.4 billion. China also has had some of the highest numbers of COVID of any county in the world, the population being one of the main factors for this.

Finally back to normal

October 5, 2022

From across the world

October 5, 2022
Sophomore Burke Newton in one of his games with the puck, getting ready to score. While the season ends in March, Newton is already thinking about his future. “When the season ends, I’ll want to come back and play for the team, I like it here,” Newton said. “Great school, it’s definitely different and the size is much bigger, football games are awesome.”

2,000 miles for hockey

September 30, 2022
Winston is ready to help make Legally Blonde a great performance from Oct. 6-9. “I wanted Winston in because he’s cute and everybody loves him and I think it’s fun,” Halsey said.

New dog in town

September 8, 2022

Time for flex time

August 24, 2022

Hidden talent

September 30, 2021
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