Gender swapping doesn’t fit Bond

The recent discussion brings up some questions regarding equality


Photo courtesy of IMDb

The Bond girl normally plays a non-violent role. Having one in the future that could fight is a good idea.

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter

Back in the early 20th century, having women play any role in a movie that wasn’t a damsel in distress was thought to be taboo. But as time has gone on, equality has gained more and more popularity, not just for women, but for all people of minority groups. The idea of having a woman be the lead role in a movie where it was a man before isn’t the way to go.

This topic has surged in popularity after discussions have started about possibly making a woman be the main role in future Bond movies. Although this is a good idea, I have a feeling it won’t be taken in the right way though. I don’t think the role fits a woman. James Bond has been a cultural icon for 60 years, and to change it to a woman doesn’t feel right.

I think that women should be the main roles in more movies, however, the best way to go about that would be to make them the main roles in movies with an original setting. Trying to turn a male-only role into a woman feels like the directors are trying to pander to gender equality and be on the “good side” of the people. Some companies will try to make statements or change their company structure to fit more with today’s standards. Of course, that is a good thing to do, but other times, if there wasn’t a big outcry for companies to do such a thing, there’s a chance they wouldn’t change.

Actor Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in his latest film “No Time to Die,” interviewed with IndieWire and talked about this hot topic on Sept. 21. He said why not just make a role just as good as James Bond but for a woman instead of making a female Bond.

This could go two ways: either make a spinoff James Bond movie focusing on the main woman role in said movie or make a brand-new woman role for upcoming James Bond movies and create someone just as powerful as Bond. I think the second option is better, creating strong female roles which would help put more diversity in the Bond franchise.

But this may not happen, as the executive producer of “No Time to Die” as well as past Bond films, Barbara Broccoli, has commented on The Guardian on what she thinks about making a female Bond. Broccoli said we shouldn’t turn male characters into females, and focus on making new women roles that fit into the Bond stories.

While Broccoli thinks there is no future for the franchise with a woman as the main role, I think that there’s a market for the woman role in the Bond movies. I think there’s a non-zero chance of one day getting a spinoff movie starring one of the women from the Bond movies, where there is no James Bond at all.

This discussion has even reached a former actress in a Bond movie, Rosamund Pike, who played in “Die Another Day”, talked on DNA India. Pike said that she never once felt uncomfortable on the set with Broccoli and the executive producer was way ahead of the #MeToo movement. If there’s a chance of keeping Broccoli on the sets of more Bond movies, that could lead to a future where we get great roles for women.

With the idea of possibly having a new role for the leading woman in the Bond movies, there may be a time where she and Bond can fight just as many people at once, at the same time. I think that it would be awesome to introduce more women into Bond movies that can fight with Bond. However, it seems as of now, we won’t get a Bond movie with a female lead.