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Late assignments should be accepted
Students have more than one class and a late assignment in all of them can cause the student to be stressed out.
Students have more than one class and a late assignment in all of them can cause the student to be stressed out.

Life can get crazy for students and they can have all sorts of things happening in their lives. This can affect their academic performance and cause them to have late assignments. For that reason, late assignments should be accepted. 

The point of an assignment is to learn from it, not to be completed by the deadline. According to the University of South Carolina, putting a harsh deadline can cause the students to just complete the assignment for the sake of completing it, not actually learning the material. Harsh deadlines also put unnecessary stress on the students. This stress on-top of the already existing things happening in their lives can affect not just that one class, but all of their other classes as well. Most of their time will be used up in trying to complete assignments. 

Every student learns differently and at a different pace. Having one pace on all of the students really affects the way students learn. While some students learn at a faster pace, there might be students who learn at a slower pace and might need help with their assignments. This one pace puts pressure on the students who learn slower which can cause them to get their assignments to be late. In some cases, students who learn slower will not even do the assignment. 

One big reason why a student might have late assignments is because they could be dealing with mental health issues. According to the American Psychology Association, student mental health issues have been on the rise. These mental health issues really affect how the student does their work. It causes the student to not do the assignment. Being strict on a student’s late assignment can worsen their mental health. The last thing a teacher wants is for their student to have a worsen mental state because of them. Life doesn’t follow a syllabus and that causes there to be things that affect the student. 

Another reason why a student might have a late assignment is because many students don’t have the same resources to use as other students. The lack of resources causes the student to not be able to complete the assignment or have trouble with it. understanding from the teachers can cause the student to be left out and feel like they are not as smart as other students. A lack of resources can range from no internet provided in their home to not having an item such as a calculator. If the student can’t learn with the same resources as others, that student wouldn’t be able to complete the assignment. If a student can’t learn, a teacher can’t expect the student to complete the assignment on time. 

Accepting late assignments can create a good environment for students and teachers. Students would be able to trust their teacher more which can cause them to like the class more. When a student likes the class more, they’ll try to learn more and try to work harder. Teachers can also benefit from this because then they’ll be able to connect with the students. Having a connection with your students can really affect them. In some cases, that connection can help the student and allow him to complete his assignments faster. Teachers will also have more time to grade their students’ assignments. We all know how much a teacher talks about how much they have to grade. 

Ultimately, the goal of education is to expand a student’s knowledge. The expansion of a student’s knowledge goes beyond deadlines. Allowing late assignments to be accepted allows a connection between the student and the teacher which can really help the student. It also allows every type of student to be able to learn well and expand their knowledge. Afterall, a teacher has the ability to build a students future.

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Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan, Staff Reporter
Mohammad is a sophomore at Millard West and this his first year on the CATalyst staff. He is taking Advanced Journalism and Broadcast Journalism this year. During the summer, he went to Pakistan to see his family. He enjoys listening to music and playing sports. His favorite sports are basketball, football and track. His favorite music artists are Tupac, Kanye West, Travis Scott and Metro Booming. His favorite song is “Right My Wrongs” by Bryson Tiller.

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