Behind the scenes

Students stay after school to help with the production of plays


photo by Jacob Hargens

Members of the publicity crew hanging up a checkerboard in the auditorium lobby. It will be used as a backdrop for photos when “Clue” premiers Dec. 1-3. “This process has definitely been on the harder side due to the short amount of time we have to pull it off,” Publicity crew co-leader and junior Ali Gardener said. “There are only six weeks to pull off Clue so it has been a struggle trying to get everything ready and come up with ideas to sell as many tickets as fast as possible.”

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter

Theatre never stops moving. That’s why as soon as “Legally Blonde” had wrapped up their performances, the next play, “Clue,” started production immediately. While some people were auditioning to be in the play itself, those who didn’t make it in could choose to work behind the scenes as part of the crew.

There are nine crews to be on, each with something for everyone. Options for crews include sound, lights, publicity, props, set design and more. “Clue” features more than 60 people in crews working on making the show the best it can be. 

“Generally in the early days of production we gather and make sounds that fit the show’s requirements, then we play through the show, ensuring the timing and volume are correct in each scene,” Sound crew co-leader and sophomore Devin Hoshaw said. “To me, ‘Clue’ seems easier than ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ because I know what I’m doing. Last time I did sound I had to use monitors to direct the sound and record so many voices for the train station scene, so it was pretty intense. This time, I am having more fun and playing around with what we could do instead of what we need to do.”

Some crews have better reputations than others. The publicity crew is one that has had a bad reputation from the last shows, such as “Legally Blonde” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.” However, the publicity crew this time want to prove that it’s not bad every time.

“Publicity crew is mainly in charge of promoting the show and selling out as many tickets as possible,” Publicity crew co-leader and junior Ali Gardner said. “We do this by finding creative ways to draw people in through social media, persuasive emails, etc. We also decorate the auditorium lobby, hang up posters and banners around the school, and usher people in during the actual shows. Clue’s publicity crew really wants to show that we are capable of doing awesome things that contribute to the success of the play. We want everyone to know that publicity is a place where imaginative minds can bring ideas to life, not just sit in the lobby and do nothing.”

There’s also the component of getting everything ready for what happens onstage. There are multiple crews that help with that, including props crew, set crew and projections crew. All these crews help work in the back, making sure the set can look nice for the show and to ensure that everything moves smoothly during the show.

“My job in the props crew is to get all items used In the show, this can go from things like hand held items to tables and furniture,” Props crew leader and senior Karlie Ryman said. “We still need to figure out where props need to be at the start of the show. We do have all the props though, so now the cast just needs to start using them.”

These crews only have a small amount of time to finish getting everything ready. The final preparations are being made throughout all crews. The publicity crew will also be sure to make the lobby themed for the show when “Clue” performs through Dec. 1-3.