Next generation of teachers

New staff in the new school year


photo by Jacob Hargens

Science teacher Parker Lowe working during his planning period while also watching another science teacher, Jeff Hacker, teach his class. “I teach Physical Science Chemistry and Biology, which are both required for graduation,” Lowe said.

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter

Every year at every school, new teachers come to pursue their career. This year, there are 12 new teachers and staff that are ready to teach their classes and help out anyone in need. This includes three new Spanish teachers, a new EL teacher as well as the new EL program and a new SPED teacher.

While some of these teachers are coming to Millard West with a few years of experience under their belt, some teachers are completely new.

“This is my first year teaching in general,” science teacher Parker Lowe said. “Being my first year can be tough, getting my routine down and all. I like how students care about their school and all the teachers are very helpful giving me lots of materials. Nothing I dislike about West so far.”

Lowe also says that he’s interested in helping out the Cycling Club and possibly starting a Poetry Club. There are other new teachers who help out with clubs and sports as well, like business teacher Savana Stanford, who is an assistant for girls basketball on the JV and varsity teams.

“I love being at Millard West but I am a little biased since I did go to high school here,” Stanford said. “My favorite part about teaching is working with students who have all different interests and getting to teach them something that I am passionate about. Since I am an elective teacher, I get to meet and teach several students as the year goes on.”

Similar to Stanford being a student and now a teacher, nurse Sha Sturgil was a district sub nurse last year, but is now here full time.

“Overall, being at Millard West has been a good experience for me,” Sturgil said. I was overwhelmed by how nice everyone was to me. I have been a nurse for 15 years. I have worked in both the hospital setting and in an office setting.” 

All the new teachers and staff are happy here and haven’t run into many tough times so far. As the year goes on, they’ll be learning our curriculum, working with our unique block scheduling, and overall getting to know the building.