Inclusivity and bowling

Unified team stays strong at the mid-season


photo by Makayla Potter

Senior Jack Carrol getting ready to throw the bowling ball down the lane. “The athletes bowl in a baker’s format,” ACP teacher and coach Bret Seipker said. “This allows all members to participate equally.”

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter

Between the fall and winter sports seasons, the Unified Bowling team continues to improve throughout their season as they face tough competitions against the Millard and Omaha Public schools. 

Unified Bowling has some different rules to keep everyone involved, featuring a bakers’ format, making it so multiple people are responsible for two frames each. They also play with buddies, providing assistance and coaching for the other player.

“Unified Bowling has been a great experience, I get to meet many amazing partners, athletes, and coaches,” ACP teacher and coach Bret Siepker said. “This season has been a rebuilding season. We lost some good bowlers last year but we are also a young team.”

The season so far has been good for the Unified Bowling team. They were first matched off with the Q Street rival Millard South on Nov. 1, whom they lost. Then they played in the Millard Triangular on Nov. 8, going against the other Millard high schools where they placed third. Then, on Nov. 15, they battled won against Omaha North.

“Unified Bowling is the best part of my day,” social studies teacher and coach Ali Bragg said. “When we have a practice, a dual, or a tournament the athletes and partners are so excited that it puts you in a great mood. When one of the athletes sees me in the hall and shouts, ‘Hi Coach, see you at bowling’ it just makes me smile.”

While the team could be doing better this season, they’re all still working hard to perform their best while having fun at the same time. The thing that matters most is that everyone on the team is meeting new people and making new friendships.

“I love being on the Unified Bowling team, everyone has a great personality and it is a fun environment to be a part of,” senior Jillian Weland said. “The team can improve by continuing to practice form and working on different skills. Most importantly though, we need to keep encouraging each other and staying positive.”

The team to beat right now is the Millard South. Even though there is only a little under a month left of the season, the Unified Bowling team will continue to stay strong and try their best to win every game and make it to the state championships on Nov. 29.