The future of the Class of 2020

Graduates share their plans for after high school

Olivia Oeth, News Director

Audrey Koesters

Photo courtesy of Audrey Koesters

“I will be attending Dakota Wesleyan University and double majoring in theater/performance and psychology. I really loved their campus and the vibe of Mitchell. It’s a great town. After I graduate from college I hope to become a psychologist for the US Military that focuses on anxiety disorders such as PTSD and can help former soldiers or families of the military. My grandfather was in the Army, my father served in the Air Force, and my brother served in the Marines for four years so the military is kind of in our blood. I want to be able to help out as they did, I think it’s super important to help out those who are serving our country.”


Ruoxi Liu

Photo courtesy of Ruoxi Liu

“This fall I’m going to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to major in actuarial science and communication studies with a minor in computer science and maybe law and business. I’m interested in business, so I chose a major that would go well with my math interest. I’m also in the Business Honor Academy so a lot of people are majoring in that too. The communication studies would help me balance out other skills I’m interested in developing in the future since I’m interested in law school and that would be a good transition to learn and go through. I want to minor in comp sci because for actuarial science we already have to take so many comp sci classes, and my dad is a software engineer, so it won’t be as hard for me to learn, and I’m looking to combine this with actuarial science for more data analysis preference in my future career.”


Lilian Teele

Photo courtesy of Lilian Teele

“I can’t wait to be going to North Carolina State for aerospace engineering, hopefully minoring in mathematics or physics. I’m thinking of being an astronaut if I can, or even just working for NASA because I think that is one of the most interesting fields ever. I’m sad to be missing out on the end of senior year, but can’t wait for the next chapter to start.”


Sarah Carron

Photo courtesy of Sarah Carron


“In the fall of this year, I’ll be attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and majoring in business administration. I chose UNL because of its Honors program, environment and the high appraisal of its business program. Right now, I’d love to go into human resources and potentially college recruitment to help students at a critical time in deciding a college for them, as I was someone who needed a lot of guidance to make my eventual college decision. One of my biggest goals for college is to study abroad, as it could give me useful life experience for my minor in Spanish, as well as overall give me once in a lifetime memories that I wouldn’t be able to replicate at any other time in my life.”


Anna Underwood

Photo courtesy of Anna Underwood

“I will be attending Grand Canyon University in Arizona for college. I plan on majoring in exercise science and then going on to physical therapy school. I have a connective tissue disorder that put me in a lot of physical therapy growing up, so I decided to use my experience and what I know to help others like me. I picked GCU because I have family out there, and I want to go off and be independent while not being too far from home. The nice weather and sunshine is just an added bonus.”


Parker Christiansen

Photo courtesy of Parker Christiansen

“I will be attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I was drawn to this school specifically because of its outstanding program for my major and competitive price. I’m planning on dual majoring in computer science and business administration. I’ve always loved computers and my passion for them started young. I enjoy building applications for specific jobs and enjoy also being able to relay them in the business world. I’ve been considering Greek life this next fall because of the experiences my older brother had in college. I’ve always been big into helping others and wanted to utilize Greek life to find friends and help at philanthropic events. Beyond that, I’ve also considered looking at many extra opportunities next year to get out and experience life.”


Hunter Amos

Photo courtesy of Hunter Amos

“I’m planning on going to the University of Nebraska at Omaha during the fall. If everything works out I should be a full-time student with a license in bartending. I want to major in education. I look up to the teachers who really try to engage the class, and I also think it would be a way for me to be creative. I also am really personable so I’d rather work and talk to others rather than working alone.”


Anthony Miller

Photo courtesy of Anthony Miller

“Next year I will be a gorilla at Pittsburg State in Kansas. I will be running cross country and track. I’m not sure what I want to major in but I am excited for the future. I chose to run cross country and track in college because I wanted to continue to get better after high school. I also chose to run because I didn’t want state XC my senior year to be my last time competing ever.”  


Madaline Vojslavek

Photo courtesy of Madaline Vojslavek

“I am super excited to be going to Northwest Missouri State University in the fall. As of right now, I am planning to major in elementary education. I fell in love with Northwest because of its School of Education and all it has to offer. I’m also originally from Missouri, so it’s kind of cool to be moving back home.” 


Ashlee Mitchell

Photo courtesy of Ashlee Mitchell

“After high school, I am planning on going to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studying criminal justice and/or criminology. I am also planning on doing cheer in college and possibly joining a sorority. Overall, I just want to be as successful as possible next year. I wanted to graduate as a junior because I didn’t want to spend my last year of high school taking easy classes and losing three years worth of knowledge in a year because of not graduating and getting a head start on life. I just know a lot of people take their senior year as their break year, and I didn’t want that for me.”


Kaylen Barth

Photo courtesy of Kaylen Barth

“I didn’t know what my path in life was for a long time, but I knew I had a passion for skincare and makeup. After doing my aunt’s makeup for her wedding, I knew it was a career I wanted to pursue. I did a lot of research and found Capitol School of Esthetics here in Omaha. After a tour of the school and many conversations with my family, I decided to continue my education there. I start in October this year, and I am very excited for my future as an esthetician.”


Ainsley Olsen

Photo courtesy of Ainsley Olsen

“I’ll be going to Columbia College all the way in Chicago to study acting. I chose this school because it has a really good theatre program considering it’s not too well known. I also love the city, and it’s pretty much right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Chicago also happens to be one of the biggest “Theatre Hubs” of the country, basically saying it’s one of the best places to study acting or theatre in general.” 


Peter Buglewicz

Photo courtesy of Peter Buglewicz

“Though I’m not sure exactly where I’m going as I’m on the waitlist at Case Western Reserve University, if I don’t end up going there then the probability that I attend Colorado School of Mines is rather high. Both are fine institutions, so I can’t really go wrong: Mines sits in a nice location, Case’s staff appear to run their programs intuitively, and both are well equipped and of satisfactory size. Currently, I plan to major in some engineering related discipline. It’s not that I especially know what I’m doing with my life or possess some coherent purpose, I just happen to like math and science among other things. The engineering skillset is also pretty versatile which leaves a lot of room to play later on in life.”