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Rising country artist Zach Bryan released a new EP on November 27, 2020. “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” brings a new and fresh perspective to the country music scene.

Quiet, Heavy Dreams tells a new story

Tenley Wright, Chief Photographer
December 8, 2020
The club members sit in Wildcat 1 cutting out and coloring the shoes for the teachers.

Shoes for St. Nick

Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla, Editor-in-Chief Catalyst Online
December 3, 2020
On November 5, Senior Evan Meyersick signed his letter of intent, officially committing to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a walk-on to play football. Meyersick joined the football team during the end of his sophomore year and  has since been putting in countless hours of work to develop his skills as a wide receiver. During his time as a member of the Wildcat football team, Meyersick has racked up a total of 13 catches, 244 yards and one touchdown.

Walking on to the future

Tenley Wright, Chief Photographer
December 2, 2020
According to computerworld, a smartphone can snap your attention even when it's not in use or turned off and in your pocket.

The harsh reality of phone addiction

Madison Brandis, Staff Reporter
December 2, 2020
The varsity team strikes their first pose in their Tumbling, Non-Building routine. For their first competition of the season being completely virtual, the girls look forward to hopefully being able to compete in person. “I think it makes it a little harder to get a feel for what a comp day is really like, especially for the freshman,” senior Delaney Cutler said. “Luckily on the showcase night, we had a good amount of people in the crowd yelling with us which really helped us out.”

Shout for your team

Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla, Editor-in-Chief Catalyst Online
November 19, 2020
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris wears suffragette white onstage to give her victory speech, a nod to the official colors of the National Woman’s Party. During her speech, Harris paid homage to the women who came before her: “Tonight, I reflect on their struggle, their determination, and the strength of their vision—to see what can be unburdened by what has been—I stand on their shoulders.”

Madam Vice President

Morgan Weir, Opinions Editor
November 19, 2020
In the play, “Matt and Ben” focus on the writing of their screenplay. The two deal with their difficulties throughout their friendship during the writing of “Good Will Hunting.” “My favorite part of the show is getting to play around with the dynamic between the two characters,” senior Anna Blumenthal said. “They are two very different people, and so as an actor, I needed to convey that message to the audience.”

Matt and Ben take the stage

Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla, Editor-in-Chief Catalyst Online
November 12, 2020
According to an analysis by the New York Times, CNN’s privacy policy has a Lexile score of over 1600, meaning that it would be a difficult read even for those in professional fields like law and medicine. Hulu, Airbnb, Zoom and Disney have similarly difficult policies with Lexile scores of over 1500.

Teens need to care about data privacy

Morgan Weir, Opinions Editor
November 6, 2020
During the cheer clinic, the girls set aside time to work on motions as well as jumps. The cheerleaders stood at the front of the gym with a mic to demo materials they were being taught. “It was important for us to still be able to offer this opportunity to kids,” cheer coach Stefani Lane said. “We have a group of kids that love and look forward to coming every year. We are really happy that we still got to do it, even if it was on a smaller scale.”

A spook-tacular time

Jasmine Hermosillo-Padilla, Editor-in-Chief Catalyst Online
November 4, 2020
In this picture you see the fans cheering on the Hawks against Michigan State. While there are no fans in attendance Iowa will still try to keep on traditions such as waving to the Children's hospital at the end of the first quarter.

Hawks return to action

Sean Beatty, Staff Reporter
October 29, 2020
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