The Pick & Roll Podcast

Junior obtains skills from watching sports and produces his own podcast


photo courtesy of Brock Evans

Discussing trending topics, junior Brock Evans and Skutt junior Ben Hawk produce their latest podcast episode. During this episode, the two talked about their opinions on who they think are the all time best NBA players. “This was a very interesting podcast to shoot,” Evans said. “We had a great time debating who we thought were the greatest NBA players and also tested each other on various NBA player’s stats.”

Jordan Bakar, Staff Reporter

Going over topics and details, planning out and scheduling when to bring up a subject and making sure that the microphone and camera is functioning properly are just a few things any content creator might do prior to making a shoot. Expressing opinions, explaining what your thought process was and making sure your voice can be heard, are a few characteristics that a talk show may retain. These traits for many aren’t an easy feat to overcome and understand, but for junior Brock Evans, it is.

Always having a passion for various sports, Evans runs his own NBA podcast, “Pick and Roll”. Established back in August 2018, Evans and his partner, Skutt junior Ben Hawk, have accumulated growth with their fan base and made numerous episodes ever since.

Getting their influential inspiration from a podcast that they have been interactive with named, “Through the Wire” on YouTube, inspired them to start their own podcast. “Through the Wire” is a sports podcast the two watch from their favorite Youtuber, King of the 4th Quarter. This is how they sparked the idea of creating something similar, but with their own spin. 

“Ben and I love watching sports and we realized that we know more about the NBA than most of the so-called analysts,” Evans said. “We mostly cover what’s going on inside the NBA and make predictions for the season. During the off-season, we discuss the free agency, the draft and create our early season rankings and predictions.”

In order to accumulate enough information to talk about, Evans and Hawk must stay constantly posted with what is going on with the NBA. This includes keeping track of important details that may come out and events that are going to take place. The two also view a lot of NBA games and highlights which makes them more knowledgeable to current events. Evans and Hawk also rank sports information from the ones that are highly important and significant, to ones that are often overlooked by typical NBA followers. 

With this in mind, the two also need to know all sorts of moves, plays and regulations that may occur in basketball games. This makes them well-informed about the NBA and makes them sound more professional in their podcast.

“We generally spend a couple hours looking up research for the podcast,” Evans said. “Most of the time, prior to the shooting of the podcast, we brainstorm ideas and we kind of just go off of what we can think of.” 

Their topics are generally current NBA headlines or interesting insights that becomes public, such as a player transfer to another team. Anything that is catching a lot of attention from the majority of people or trending, is often talked about in their podcast. 

“A lot of the topics we cover are usually rankings of teams and players,” Hawk said. “Other than that, we mostly just talk about what substantial NBA news that came relatively close to the recording of a new podcast episode. At the moment we just cover the NBA, but we are open to branching out into other areas like college sports, the NFL and the NLB if there’s enough support from our audience.”

The “Pick and Roll” Podcast has gained the attention of five-hundred plus supporters in various countries since it’s launch. Some fans of the podcast attend Millard West such as junior Austin Goetsche and junior Rami Hanash who watch the podcast to get a different view or opinion about NBA headlines. 

“It is a great NBA talk show that keeps me informed and up to date with the latest NBA news,” Goetsche said. “It also provides me with expert analysis from a different angle. I am not surprised that it has gotten many subscribers this far and I expect their number of followers to continue to rise.”

As a result, the podcast allows people short on time the ability to listen to NBA coverage, at any time possible. Their podcasts are uploaded onto different social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram which gives people versatility to tune in with various alternatives. This also allows the podcast to connect with more people around the world. The two plan to also start releasing audio-only podcasts on services such as Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Anchor, and Spotify.

“I feel like the podcast is an excellent way to catch up with the headlines, especially when I may not have time to watch the games,” Hanash said. “They do a great job debating what could happen, and weighing the pros and cons to certain current events. They also try incredibly hard to get all the top stories in and bring up a wide variety of topics for each podcast.”

Discussing and explaining NBA news is not a challenge for the two. Evans and Hawk actively chat with each other and their acquaintances, so establishing the podcast connects their opinions to a broader range of people across the globe, and wasn’t in question. Evans and Hawk have no desire to end the podcast anytime soon. They find creating podcasts a fun way to combine chatting about current events and the NBA. 

“I love having discussions about basketball, enjoy seeing other people’s reactions to our opinions and getting new supporters to our YouTube channel,” Evans said. “It’s always great to see someone liking our podcast and showing their support.”

Evans and Hawk want the Pick and Roll Podcast to expand and connect to new fans at greater extent than what it’s currently maintaining. Evans and Hawk plan to produce their podcast on a more professional level as they obtain new equipment with their developing podcast . 

To watch Evans and Hawk’s podcast, make sure to check out their YouTube Channel, Pick and Roll Podcast.