Helping hands

ACP students spend time doing tasks around the school


Photo courtesy of Nicole Schwalbach

Freshman Lauren Joseff and other students help in concession stands at Millard West sporting events.

Paige Hightower, Staff Reporter

Helping with concessions, the cafeteria, printers and recycling is only a fraction of what students in the Alternative Curriculum Program do throughout their day.

As part of the Work Introduction and Daily Living classes, Alternative Curriculum Program students participate in jobs around the school. These classes have been offered since the school opened, and offer students hands-on practice with skills that would be useful for careers in the future. Special Education teacher Nicole Schwalbach appreciates the opportunity her students have to help the school.

“For the students, it means that they feel they are doing something important for the school and the school community,” Schwalbach said. “They can feel that their work is valuable and meaningful. But for me, I feel like it is a good way for our students to practice those job skills, and do some hands-on activities instead of sitting at a desk and listening to lectures.”

Special Education staff are willing to find jobs for the students to do, especially since there is a staff shortage. They enjoy the jobs they do, and have even found jobs that they look forward to. 

“My favorite one is the cafeteria job,” freshman Lauren Josoff said. “In the cafeteria, we help with the fruits and vegetables.”

During lunch, students have the opportunity to help lunch staff by cutting and packaging the fruit and vegetables. This job is easily a favorite among the students, and they find it really fun. 

“I put lids on the cups and I stock the silverware,” freshman Braxton Fox said. “I just think that it is really fun.”

Some other jobs students do include making sure printer kiosks are tidy and taking out the recycling on Fridays. Along with filling vending machines, they also help stock concession stands at sporting events. 

“I like doing concessions because I’ve done it before,” sophomore Tanner Baker said. “It’s my favorite because I like doing it with my friends and it’s fun to hang around with friends.”

Helping students and staff, as well as learning important skills, is something that the students enjoy doing. These jobs make the students important and key people at Millard West and are highly appreciated.