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The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

The Student News Site of Millard West High School

The Catalyst

In order to create a weekly broadcast, Senior Kaden Roth and Kaitlin Reynolds collaborate together to anchor for the MWHS Wildcat news. The anchors prepare for the weekly broadcast and film. ‘The most rewarding part is knowing that I am creating a broadcast that will be enjoyed by my community,” Reynolds said. “Theres a lot of work that goes into each broadcast: writing a script, performing the segments and repeating if any issues arise.”

Dedicating her all

Brenna Batchelder, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Cartoonist
March 1, 2022
While battling it out on the ice, senior Brooke Flanigan plays a game for the Lady Jr. Lancers U19 team. Flanigan has to focus on many different aspects of the game as a left-wing. “The most challenging part of hockey is that there is so much going on and how fast it is moving,” Flanigan said. “You have to think about where the puck is, who is open, who you have to cover, where the open person is and what to do when you have the puck and what to do when you dont have the puck.”

Breaking the ice

Brenna Batchelder, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Cartoonist
November 11, 2021
An assortment of completed Rubiks Cubes. Rubiks Cubes are the main focus of the club, but they are all different sizes, such as the standard 3x3 or the more advanced 7x7.

The kings of Rubik’s Cubes

Jacob Hargens, Staff Reporter
October 7, 2021
Pictured outside the White House, Secret Service Special Agent Steve Haw poses for a picture. Steve was in the secret service for 12 years and worked in the uniformed division. “I loved working at the White House,” Haw said. “I got to meet a lot of interesting people and travel a lot.”

Working for the president

Reece Straley, Staff Reporter
September 30, 2021
Junior Connor Thelen poses for a photo in a yellow jumpsuit. Wearing bold outfits to school has become a form of expression for Thelen in the last year. “Anyone can do it,” Thelen said. “More people are gonna support you than are gonna hate you. It’s just that the haters speak louder.”

Showing style at school

Morgan Weir, Opinions Editor
May 5, 2021
Looking ahead to college, senior Jon Willis leaves behind an extensive legacy of commentating at Millard West.

Leaving a legacy

Edison Geiler, MWHS Wildcat News Editor-in-Chief
March 15, 2021
Senior Paige Stobbe adds to her current creation with another row of chunky yarn. She has been hand-knitting these trendy blankets to sell during the holidays. “There has been quite a shortage in yarn lately,” Stobbe said. “That is one challenge that I have run into, but I hope to keep it going.”

Warm for the holidays

Dana Summers, News Director
December 7, 2020
On November 5, Senior Evan Meyersick signed his letter of intent, officially committing to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a walk-on to play football. Meyersick joined the football team during the end of his sophomore year and  has since been putting in countless hours of work to develop his skills as a wide receiver. During his time as a member of the Wildcat football team, Meyersick has racked up a total of 13 catches, 244 yards and one touchdown.

Walking on to the future

Tenley Wright, Chief Photographer
December 2, 2020
Senior Olivia Peterson poses in a sweatshirt that she designed and made herself. This picture also appears on her Instagram account, where she advertises her custom designs to others. “Nebraska related shirts are probably my most popular request,” Peterson said. “I think those shirts have been successful just because they are much cheaper than what you would find in a Husker store, but they are still high quality. I can print just about anything as long as its not a school affiliated logo that has copyright.”

Custom made

Dana Summers, News Director
November 5, 2020
Starting her internship during the pandemic hasn’t been without challenges that she has had to overcome. The work she does has been adapted from previous years to help keep her and the environmental team safe. “I’m currently working on putting together a training presentation to be presented to the environmental department in January over the past five years of environmental policy change and any misdemeanors from the last five years that our vendors had.”

Interning into the real world

Kaden Roth, Staff Reporter
November 5, 2020
Senior Wildcat linebacker James Conway poses for an image while on a visit to North Dakota State just days before the pandemic. Conway holds multiple Division One football offers. “Recruiting has been a tough process now, “ Conway said. “I haven’t been able to visit all the schools I want to, but other than that it has been going pretty solid.”

The best kept secret

Carson Fox, Staff Reporter
October 9, 2020
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