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Bella Reilly and her sister Anna Reilly are making a cake for one of her vlogs. They go through the process of what they are doing and featuring her sister while practicing social distancing and staying at home.

Reilly’s recordings

April 16, 2020

Heading for the elevator, junior Miles McDonald leaves class just in time to beat the traffic of the crowded school hallways. Usually accompanied by a friend, McDonald has adjusted quickly to his new means of transportation at school. “Although Miles is totally capable of independent movement, the risks associated with his condition has confined him to a wheelchair,” junior Luke Skrabal said. “Besides the obvious restrictions that come with being in a wheelchair, Miles has also been unable to drive and he travels with an escort wherever he goes in the school.”

Fighting the unknown

March 11, 2020

Senior Audrey Koesters prepares before she steps onto the rink. Skating around the rink, senior Audrey Koesters is concentrated at improving her foot work. Ice skating takes precision and skill to stay on your feet.

Passion on ice

March 10, 2020

Working on her current project in her current class, sophomore Abby Gilreath is learning to use a variety of materials. Students in the program are encouraged to try art forms that aren’t offered everywhere else. “She is very driven and has a big desire to be successful, she doesn't want to fail, that motivates her to put in the extra work, especially when it comes to art,” art teacher Jennifer Hoss-Miller said.

Guided into new arts

February 12, 2020

Filmmakers and actors are working together to produce a film. Caleb Eschliman,(left)  Haden Batchelder, Sydney Skierka, Michael Frandolig and Stella Ehrhart. They were the actors  Eschliman’s that work with him to create a short film at Nebraska Thespian festival. These students work in Filmworks the whole weekend.

Filmmaker in the making

January 31, 2020

Junior Eric Wu kicks through a board at his latest Tae Kwon Do practice. Board breaking is a common practice in the martial arts, and is used to test students for higher belts. “Tae Kwon Do has a lot to do with technique,” Wu said. “A smart student never stops practicing the basics.”

Just for kicks

January 31, 2020

Junior Kaitlin Keleher goes into an arabesque during one of her performances at Lauritzen Gardens last Sunday. She has been dancing for as long as she can remember and loves any opportunity to get out into the community. “Dance evolved from me being on the competition team, to me just learning to love to perform,” Keleher said. “I always hope I can give the audience a little bit of joy that day because life can’t be great all the time. Sometimes seeing a smile on a performer’s face just helps make your day.”

Evolution of dance

December 13, 2019

While working on the frame of the house, junior Elise Nyffeler poses for a photo. The Nyffelers finished building their tiny house in November of 2019, a project they started in the Spring of 2018. “My family and I have enjoyed hanging out together in our tiny house, and sitting down with friends and playing games inside,” Nyffeler said. “I am excited for future memories we will make in it.”

Home sweet tiny house

December 13, 2019

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