Big changes

Millard hires a new superintendent


Photo courtesy of Jessica Carson

Superintendent Dr. Schwartz visits Millard West on June 30. “I am really proud to be a part of Millard Public Schools,” Schwartz said. “We have incredible staff and I really enjoy the students.”

Paige Hightower, Staff Reporter

Superintendent John Schwartz starts his first year as the head of the Millard Public Schools District, working to build relationships within the schools and the community.

Schwartz is not unfamiliar with leadership roles. He has served as an Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, high school principal, assistant principal, Director of Secondary Education, and a social studies teacher in the Papillion La Vista, Bellevue, and Seward School Districts. Since July 2019, he has even served as the Superintendent of the Norris School District. 

In February 2022, Schwartz was hired into the district, and after waiting for 5 months,  he was selected and started this position on July 1.  

“Right now I am working hard to build relationships in the community, staff  and the students,” Schwartz said. “I will start making decisions when the strategic plan is finalized. We are working hard to change the student population and make sure they get the education they deserve.”

Schwartz has also worked alongside principal Greg Tiemann at BPS. Schwartz’s passion, transparency and consistency are qualities that Tiemann finds are needed for Millard

“He comes with a lot of knowledge and background,” Tiemann said. “The biggest impacts we need are management and leadership. The background he has gives him a lot of perspective and care for students. Not easy times, but a great future with him in charge.”

Not only has he connected with administrators in the district, but a few students have also gotten the chance to meet and work alongside him. Senior Tate Ray got the opportunity over the summer to serve on the Millard Strategic Planning Team with him.

“When I met him he was only one month into his job,” Ray said. “ I was very impressed by how well he was able to get to know Millard, despite his little experience in Millard. I also admired how analytical and data-driven. He then uses that skill of his thought to identify problems in the district. The last quality I saw in him that makes him a great superintendent is his constant search for things to change for the betterment of Millard Public Schools.”

Schwartz has made an amazing impression on students and administrators. He is honored to be a part of the district and make changes to give students the education that they deserve.