Kickstarting their futures

Seniors take community college course to prepare for success


Photo Courtesy of Golden Kelly

Some seniors are jumping at the opportunity to get a head before going to college by enrolling in general education classes at Metro Community College. Senior Golden Kelly is enrolled in psychology and has been able to apply what she’s learned to some of her high school classes. “I started taking classes at Metro because I really wanted to get some of my general credits that I would take as a freshman in college out of the way,” said Kelly. “Taking classes at Metro is just so much cheaper so I saw it as an opportunity to get ahead and save money at the same time.”

Kaden Roth, Staff Reporter

What comes after high school has always been a looming and anxiety-inducing thought, with so many opportunities and pathways, it can be overwhelming to make decisions that can have a lasting impact on the rest of a student’s life. Seniors like Golden Kelly and Jasmine Hermosillo-Padillahave have taken the initiative to face these uncertainties by enrolling in Metro Community College classes while finishing up their last year of high school.

The opportunity offers high school students the ability to enroll in courses that will simultaneously get them college credit while also allowing them a chance to knock out some general education classes that would normally eat up most of their freshman year. The possibility of enrolling in a college-level class is not a new concept to Millard West students. With many Wildcats participating in Advanced Placement classes or dual enrollment, this could simply be their next step in preparing for college. 

“Taking these college courses have helped me get a better perspective on some of the content in my high school classes, like taking Philosophy really helped me gain a bigger understanding on subjects discussed in my Literature and Film class at West,” Kelly said. “ It has also really helped me gain better study habits which I definitely will need in college. It also is a really good intro to what college courses will be like, as well as, get a better understanding of beginner knowledge needed for almost every college course that students will be taken.” 

Knowing what they can expect in college greatly benefits how they approach their college decisions. Being able to experience college in a sort of preliminary way without making any final decisions can ease the stress many seniors face. 

“Students get a college academic experience, and that can include trying different classes to see if there is a major in those classes they would like,” guidance counselor Susan Hancock said. “Some students actually graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree at the same time. Many in-demand careers, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), welding, construction, electrician, etc., can be achieved quickly in a community college, and they are in the workforce making money-and good money- ahead of the four-year college students.”

The classes offered at Metro Community College allow students to get a feel for the pace at which a college classroom moves. It prepares students for the type of coursework they could be expected to complete and get a feel for what their potential majors could look like. Students who are currently enrolled in these classes only have praise for the experience and highly recommend the option to future seniors.

“With Metro classes being free, I think it is super important for high school students to get a jump start on their required classes,” Hermosillo-Padilla said. “Being able to get ahead in college can save lots of money which plays such a critical role in many people’s decisions. Getting to focus on their major can really help you determine if it’s what you want to continue to pursue.” 

The goal of high school is to prepare for what comes next. Whether that consists of college or going into a job, the opportunities students are presented with during their high school career can only set them up for success. Seniors who are allotted open campuses are the most likely to benefit from these classes. Taking college courses is one way in which students can get ahead and should be seriously considered by future seniors.