Majorly involved

A junior who’s been involved since freshman year


Olivia Edwards

“I’m still trying to adjust to the guitar,” Edwards said. “It was hard at first because piano came naturally to me, but guitar in a sense just hit me right in the face.”

Grace Hager, Staff Reporter

When you’re involved in activities in and out of school, it can be quite stressful. For Junior Olivia Edwards it’s no different. She’s involved in many school activities and out of school functions as well.

Edwards is involved in three in school activities and plays three different instruments outside of school. All while maintaining over a 4.0 GPA.

“School, I’m involved in Junior Class Board, Student Council and Spanish Honors Society,” Edwards said. “I started Student Council as a freshman and really enjoyed the bonds I developed with other people as well as all the fun that goes into planning Homecoming and Senior Week. I was inducted into Spanish Honors society in the spring of last year and have continued to develop more of an interest in possibly pursuing a Spanish career after school. I started Junior Class Board this year and I’m excited to see what that holds for me.”

Having fun is also a part of her success. If you can’t have fun in between school and personal life you will regret four years of your life that is known as “the best years of your life”.

“Sometimes excelling at academics means sacrificing some of your spare time,” Edwards said. “But in the end, I find it rewarding to see my hard work paying off. I’ve just recently learned that while school is very important in my life, so is having fun. I usually have to remind myself when I’m stressed that it’ll pay off in the end and that these are the times I’ll remember most when I’ve graduated.”

Outside of school Edwards plays 3 different instruments. She plays piano, guitar and ukulele.

“I’m still trying to adjust to guitar,” Edwards said. “It was hard at first because piano and ukulele came naturally to me, but the guitar in a sense just hit me right in the face. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I heard from others that it was easy and fun and starting out, it wasn’t for me.”

The easiest one for her is the ukulele because according to her it doesn’t take much practice to be able to play a song.

It’s the easiest instrument to play because it doesn’t typically involve playing a melody or really reading any music,” Edwards said. “All it is is playing and practicing chord progressions that are in your everyday songs.”

She’s taking all of this and trying to get into a good college and get a good career for herself.