Helping hands

Wildcat Service Club gives students many opportunities to help the community


By Ms.Zohlen

The students in the Wildcat Service club and The ACP students got together on a Monday morning to play a game of Jenga. ” It is very good for students in the club and the ACP students to get together to learn a lot about one another,” Zohlen said. “The communication is good for both the club students and the ACP students. It is a lot of fun and we have a lot of laughs.”

Michelle Miller, Staff Reporter

Millard West has a variety of clubs one can join to do activities and meet new people, but the Wildcat Service Club is much more than that. The Wildcat Service Club not only does fun activities such as visiting retirement homes, get together and play games with the ACP students, but also help the community to make a better, cleaner and happier place for everyone. 

One of the ways the Wildcat Service Club helps the community is going to the Walnut Grove Retirement Center to hang out with the residents. They eat cookies and other snacks such as chips and ice cream and drink coffee while talking to them and learning all about their lives. Some residents even love to gift the students, for example they give origami boots. They will watch any football games on or even play games such as back ball. 

“It’s important for me to go visit them because some of the old folks there don’t have any family or grand kids they can talk to so I feel like visiting them not only makes them feel good, but it also makes me feel really good too,” junior Golden Kelly said. “I always feel like I have more grandparents because the people there always give good advice and tell me stories about them from when they were in high school. I always make it a priority to go visit them.”

Another event the Wildcat Service Club does is hang out with the Alternative Curriculum Program students. They play games such as Jenga and have conversations and get to know each other. Sometimes they even make and eat breakfast. They do this on the second Monday of every month. On Mondays, teachers have meetings so the students in the Wildcat Service Club and the students in the ACP have a 45 minute time period to play games together, do different activities and learn more about one another.

“It is very good for the people in the club and the ACP students to learn about one another,” counselor Maureen Zohlen said. “Learning about people who are what I call differently abled and appreciating all of the strengths that they have, their personalities are so important and the communication is good for both. My favorite part is getting to know the students and learning about their personalities and all of the laughs that we have together.”

The students in the Wildcat Service Club not only help people and make everyone feel special by hanging out with them, but they also help the community by cleaning up trash and helping keep it clean and beautiful.