American muscle side-hustle

Sophomore uses his passion of flipping cars for profit


Photo By John Nesci

Dylan Stadjuar checking the condition of the fluids on his Mustang.

John Nesci, Staff Reporter

With Over 2,300 students, it’s no surprise that Our school has people from all walks of life. One student, sophomore Dylan Stadjuar, uses his interests for a way to make a little extra money, along with having a fun time doing it along the way.

From a young age, Stadjuar found a spark in his dad’s hobby that eventually got him hooked. Today, he has flipped over a dozen cars and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Stadjuar has flipped cars from all different automotive makers, including Ford, Subaru, Chevy, and even Jeep.

“My Dad bought a 1999 Mustang GT, after working on it with him a few times, I found it stress relieving and fun,” Stadjuar said. “After that I was hooked.”

Ever since that first car, Stadjuar has ventured out and has flipped all kinds of different sports cars. He started at the base with some cars that needed A lot of work, like new bodywork, transmissions, and in some rare cases, even an entirely new engine. Stadjuar has now moved up to some of the newest sports cars available, and plans to modify them into the ultimate machine.

“Start with something that has a good solid base, like with no body damage or big problems, .” Stadjuar said. ”Basically just start cheap and work your way up.”

“you can make quite a bit of money off of it and it’s really entertaining to do.”

Stadjuar isn’t the only one gaining something from his hobby. His friends have also taken great interest in what he does, and have or have plans to start flipping cars of their own.

“Dylan flipping cars has had an effect on me because it has really helped open the opportunities for modifying my truck” Sophomore Logan Days said, A close friend of Stadjuars. A small community of car enthusiasts has made it easy for Stadjuar to exchange details and get help from other students.

Stadjuar flipping cars has definitely made an impression on his peers and many see it as a very fun and nice way to make some money, along with having a normal high school job. It also makes for a great learning curve and can help save money in the future. Skills like flipping and repairing cars are going by the wayside, but not for everybody.

“I can definitely see him restoring cars forever”. Millard West Alumni Nicholas Hearty said.

With a strong community and endless project possibilities, it’s no doubt that Stadjuar won’t be stopping anytime soon, and has many big project ideas for the future.