Shooting for the stars

Senior finds her passion through photography


Abigail Halsey

Senior Calleigh Joslin is photographed by Abby Halsey at the first show choir competition of the 2022 season: Westside Competition of Excellence.

Valerie Pioppi, Staff Reporter

With classes like Yearbook and Advanced Journalism being offered here at West, it’s no surprise that the students involved eventually grow the hobby of photography. But one student, senior Abby Halsey, hopes that someday it can be more than just a hobby.

Like most children, Halsey wanted to be just like her older cousins when she was younger. They were all photographers, and her admiration for them drove her to ask for her first camera for Christmas.

“I’d see my cousins’ photos on Instagram, and I just thought it was so cool,” Halsey said. “They were definitely my biggest inspirations starting out.”

 After receiving her first camera her freshman year, Halsey knew that photography was her calling. Just a couple of months later, COVID-19 hit, and Halsey didn’t have much to do while locked in the house. So Halsey took the opportunity to perfect her craft.

“I would take walks as often as I could, and I’d take photos of all the nature around me,” Halsey said. “I just wanted to learn everything that there was to learn and practice as much as I could.”

Throughout early 2022, Halsey put her name out there by taking pictures of her friends while they performed with their show choir groups during competitions. She helped run the Millard West Show Choir Facebook page and posted over 200 pictures after each competition. 

Eventually, she progressed to taking photos of similar events at Millard West, like the talent show and baseball games. Soon enough, she was even hired for her first paid shoot, taking promotional photos of a local high school band.

Halsey’s friends and family couldn’t be more supportive. 

“She did a photo shoot with me and my sister and was so professional and kind,” said Elsa Covi, a friend of Halsey. “She’s definitely our family’s go-to.”

But school events and senior pictures aren’t the only things Halsey does. Paige Pioppi, a recurring client of Halsey’s said “I adore her photos. She always captures the moment so well. I even want her to take our Christmas card pictures.”

As the year went on, her talents grew and she gained a following. Now, as the year closes out and the 2023 show choir season approaches, Abby stands at with over 300 followers on her photography Instagram account.