First concert of the year

Orchestra students perform for friends and family at the end of the first semester


Photo by Paige Hightower

Orchestra students start off the concert playing “Peer Gynt Suite.”

Paige Hightower, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, orchestra teacher Samuel Zeleski and his students performed six songs. These included “Peer Gynt Suite,” “Hungarian Dance No. 5,” “Minuet du Quintette,” “Air on the G String,” “Ein Kleine Nachtmusik,” and lastly, “The Barber of Seville.” 

Students chose the theme of playing orchestral pop music, pieces which the audience could recognize by ear. Students had been working hard to master the songs, and even finish learning them just days before the concert. In order to be successful, they took all the time they could get to rehearse. 

“We practice during class time in school, and then we also have to practice on our own outside of school,” sophomore Leona Witte said. “And if you wanted to come in before school with your ensemble and practice, you could do that, too.”

 Having the ability to showcase it is something that the performers appreciated. Getting their hard work recognized inspired them to do their best.

“After I spent so much time working on my music, inside and outside of class, I felt quite accomplished being able to put it out in front of all my friends and family,” sophomore Kenzie Harris said. “Taking the time to make it all show-ready, it feels nice to just play your heart out at a concert.” 

The students’ performance was impressive and their passion was clearly seen by Zeleski. Having the ability to showcase their work to future students is something that he feels is very important.

“For me, I get to watch the success of the students,” Zeleski said. “So as a teacher, that’s what I think I enjoy the most about this concert. I love to see them succeed in front of people, I love giving back to the community through their music, having the outlet for that, so we’re not just playing music, we have a purpose to build towards the concert.”

Zeleski and his students are continuing their hard work in order to reach the goals they have for their next concert in December, one that incorporates the band as well.