Angelic deviled eggs

Deviled Egg Co. opens a new variety of delicious appetizers


Photo curtesy of Olivia Ray

The deviled eggs all come with varying sauces and garnishes, but the thing that makes their flavors powerful is that they mix the flavors into the fillings. Some of the deviled eggs presentations are incredible like the Cali Roll egg. Others like the Blue Cheese egg and the Ham and Cheese egg look a little bland.

Olivia Ray, Staff Reporter

On your way home from school, you may have driven past Deviled Egg Co. on Q St. Deviled Egg Co. opened on National Deviled Egg Day (Nov. 2) and I had to try it considering I have never seen a deviled egg restaurant. Not to my surprise, Deviled Egg Co. is the only restaurant in the United States to specialize in deviled eggs.

I was able to call and place my order very easily and quickly. When I arrived, I was welcomed by a large “Eggceptionally Delicious” LED sign and yellow and black decorations that fit their branding perfectly. I ordered a package of 12 assorted eggs for $15.32 and my order was ready right when I arrived. Deviled Egg Co. has 16 different kinds of eggs, a coffee bar and recently released egg salads. 

The deviled eggs all looked very unique with different garnishes and toppings. I was most eager to try the Chick-Fil-A Egg, the Cali Roll and the Walking Taco. I was fearful that the Cali Roll would not be good considering sushi and eggs are not a common food combination, but I was pleasantly surprised by its unique flavor. The avocado fused the flavor of the deviled egg with the crab mix and eel sauce. The cucumber was a nice addition to the other smooth ingredients. 

On the other hand, the Chick-Fil-A egg was disappointing. I was looking forward to this combination because I thought that the deviled egg would complement the chicken and sauce nicely, but the assembly of the egg was the problem. I could not taste the flavor of anything else besides the Chick-Fil-A sauce, and the pickle in the middle was very large and not crunchy. It did not taste like I was eating a deviled egg, but rather a large glob of Chick-FIl-A sauce with a strange texture and vinegar-like aftertaste. 

After the disappointment of the Chick-Fil-A egg, I decided to try two of their classic flavors in hopes that a deviled egg restaurant would have mastered the classics. Fortunately, my assumption was correct. Their Traditional egg and their Miracles Happen egg were both exceptional. The Traditional egg has the basic filling of mayo and dijon mustard mixed with the yokes and managed to not be too fluffy or too dense. The Miracles Happen egg uses a more common recipe of Miracle Whip and yellow mustard to create a sweeter but still classic flavor. 

The Walking Taco egg had a large amount of topping and even came with a small number of crushed chips to be placed on the top of the egg. The egg had lettuce, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chicken compact on top of the egg. This egg was appetizing but nothing unique. The flavors all tasted good but there was nothing that stuck out to me about it. 

Overall, the deviled eggs each had very distinctive flavors and were very enjoyable to try. I would definitely recommend this to others as a great appetizer. I am interested in the other types of eggs I did not get to try and I will definitely be coming back to try their coffee and get more Cali Roll eggs. 

I would rate my experience a 7/10. I have no complaints about the ordering process and most of my eggs were immaculate. I think all the flavor combinations have great potential but their ingredients and proportions of flavor were lacking.