Family is immortal

“Fast and Furious” doesn’t shy away from their roots in their latest movie


Picture by IMDb

Fast and Furious 9 is the latest in the series coming out in June of 2021

Reece Straley, Staff Reporter

Wind blowing in my face, the sound of loud cars and my best friends around me is what I imagine when I think of “Fast and Furious 9.”

I am a big “Fast and Furious fan and have seen all the movies. I think what makes the “Fast and Furious” series so addictive is because of the fast cars, action packed scenes and the family aspect. The movie reviews rated this movie very high, so my expectations could not have been higher for their new movie. 

The movie started right with a flashback to the day Dom’s (Vin Diesel) dad died. The next clip cuts to the present on Dom and Letti’s (Michelle Rodriguez) farm with a surprise welcome and cry from help. Tez (Ludacris), Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) need help on a mission for an old friend. Personally, I think this was the best way to start the movie because it keeps the similar structure to the other movies. I think that having the friends reunite again really keeps the fast and furious “flare” to it. 

Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) sent them a signal to find a device but they were not the only ones after that device. A blast from the past hits Dom as his brother Jakob (John Cena) steals the device the crew was after. They do some digging to see what the device is and they findout why Jakob wants it so badly. They find out it’s called Project Aries and has the ability to control anything that runs on code. There are two problems though because it is broken into two pieces and it doesn’t work without “the key.” The key though is not an object, it’s a person: Elle (Anna Sawai). 

Dom still can’t escape the past. The movie cuts to a flashback of after the race where a young Jakob and Dom face off with the man that crashed into their father and killed him. Throughout the clip it shows why Dom ended up in prison and why Jakob was never seen again. In true “Fast and Furious” fashion, it was over a race. I love how the movie cuts between the present and the past because it really helped to explain why we never knew that Dom had a brother but also why he was never seen or heard of.  I think because of this it sets a good background to help the audience understand better. 

Back in the present, the crew finds a link to an old friend, and Letti and Mia (Jordana Brewster) head to Tokyo. To their shock an old friend, Han (Sung Kang), that they thought was dead is alive and has the key to Project Aries. I love that they brought back Han because it added a good twist to the movie. 

Jakob and Dom face off again as Jakob steals the second piece to Aries and the key. The crew launches aries by activating it and sending a satellite into space. With the help from some old friends, Tez and Roman are sent into space and crash into the satellite stopping Jakob from completing Project Aries. I think this part had that feeling of relief but also wonder. I don’t like how unrealistic it is. I mean as entertaining as it was, the unlikeliness of this scene overrode it.

In the end, the family aspect of the “Fast and Furious” series was not lost. Jakob comes back to help Dom and his crew, and I love how they still include Brain (Paul Walker) even though he has passed. Dom references the 10 second car that Brain gave him, and in the end at the dinner table one spot was missing. The next clip shows a Nissan Skyline, the signature car of Brain, pulling into the driveway. 

The ending left me very puzzled but in a good way. With Han showing up at Shaw’s door, it leaves me wondering what will happen in the next movie. I did have some problems with things being unrealistic. For example, you can not jump from building to building like it is nothing. As I mentioned previously the major one was Roman and Tez being in space. This was entertaining but way too unrealistic. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action, suspense, cars and a true show of family. I love how they kept Paul Walker in the film even though he isn’t alive. I also really enjoyed how they had many flashbacks and alternated between the present and the past. I would give this movie a 5/5. I am excited to see what the future movies hold.